How do you love yourself and accept yourself as you are? 3 ways to give yourself the love you deserve

Body positivity is about accepting your body as it is. In addition, it is very important to allow yourself to make mistakes and look for the positive in yourself. How do I do it? Watch 3 ways that will help you!


Can you learn to love yourself? Yes! Although the road to loving the woman you see in the mirror every day can be bumpy, it is the most beautiful journey you will ever take. You don’t have to take our word for it. Prove to yourself that you deserve better.

This is a question many women ask themselves. We know how important it is. We know how brave, brave and valuable we are. Yet when we look in the mirror, we grimace or roll our eyes in disapproval. Loving yourself means accepting yourself as you are – with every flaw and fault, with every imperfection and baggage. But how do you do it when the whole world is screaming that you are not enough? As if this feeling is etched into being a woman. Society has set unrealistic standards for women that they will not be able to meet.

What is most valuable is never easy. Therefore, this path to self-love can also be difficult. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It doesn’t matter how quickly you reach your goal, but all the small successes you celebrate in the meantime do matter. In order to love yourself unconditionally, you need to understand that the only person you need to please is yourself.

You are responsible for your happiness and feelings. You are your priority.
And while it may seem selfish at first, you’ll quickly discover that it’s quite the opposite. By loving yourself, you can love others and give them everything they need. How do you learn to love yourself unconditionally? We have 3 reliable ways for you.

Do you find it easy to criticize yourself? What if you try a different way? Maybe, instead of looking for flaws in yourself, just start being kind to yourself? This exercise is not easy and you will sometimes find yourself standing in front of a mirror looking for words that just won’t come. But that’s why you need to repeat it every day. You will notice that it will get easier over time, and you will be surprised how many positive things you can find in yourself.

How do I do it? Stand in front of the mirror every morning and take a good look at yourself, then say 5 compliments to yourself. You can talk about what you look like, what you are, what you can do, what you are good at, and everything that makes you who you are.
Do you like challenges? Every day, add another positive one to your list. Do you think giving yourself 10 or 20 compliments is hard? Convince yourself that it is not!

For many years we have been struggling with complexes related to our weight. We felt that we were not feminine enough. We tried to conform to social standards of beauty. However, we decided to change our approach to the body and embarked on a journey of positive thinking and acceptance. We want to show that skinny women also have cellulite, stretch marks, and blemishes.
Beauty has no specific one! – say Patrycja and Dominika Szmidt (participants in the #TerazOna campaign for the brand Elancyl aimed at women).

Stand in front of a mirror and say a few nice and motivating words to yourself. Bujakee

Loving yourself is also loving your body, that’s what it is Body positivity. It’s what allows you to do all of these great things and be successful. It is what allows you to get out of bed each day and start a new day full of opportunities and possibilities. So stop looking at it as an unfinished project that needs to be constantly improved. Your body is perfect now. Instead of constantly judging her, start taking care of her the way she deserves. Listen to his needs – sleep, eat and play when you want to, not when you think you should. Watch what you eat and take care of your daily physical activity.

You don’t have to exhaust yourself with intense exercises that are beyond your strength. Find exercises that make you happy, not punish you. Don’t like running or working out in the gym? Maybe a pool, volleyball, hiking or pilates? Give yourself a chance!

It doesn’t matter what size you wear, how old you are, or how many imperfections you have. The beauty of your body is not the pursuit of perfection, but the desire to be healthy, strong and conscious. I’m a total Craigsoul and that’s what I love most about myself. I enjoy being on my own, but that wasn’t always the case. Many of us have painful histories behind us, mine are anorexia, eating disorders, and not accepting ourselves and our bodies. I have come a long and hard way working through this topic. Two pregnancies have changed my body so much and gave me a huge lesson in humility. They also allowed me to look at myself differently, and eventually I learned a healthy relationship with my body – says Ania “Dolly” Dolińska.

Anna Dolinska suffered from bulimia, and today she loves her body.
Every woman’s story is different. It is important to love yourself. Bujakee

The most beautiful thing about time is that it flows. You can’t keep it in place no matter how hard you stamp your foot and hold on to it. Time passes and there is nothing wrong with that. Allow yourself to accept that your body is changing, and that you are changing. Each subsequent year represents a small wrinkle for the collection, but so do the next pages of your story—the story you write about yourself. In love, age does not matter, so love yourself no matter how old you are. You deserve that love when you see your first wrinkle and then when you hit 60. Age is just a number, you are so much more than that. You are the best here and now.

As they say “every age has its rights”, but it was hard for me to come to terms with the passage of time. However, I have learned to look at myself more kindly and appreciate how much is behind me – and how much is still ahead of me. As a mature woman, I already know that self-love is best Crease method – Hanna, I’ll include you.

Hanna Adamak is a beautiful woman and not only from the outside.
The age of the female does not matter, the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Only you matter. Bujakee

Sometimes it’s hard to love yourself, so start by loving the woman you see in the mirror. It has already been for everyone, and now is the time for that. Now it is.

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