“Hitler” cocaine in a shipment of asparagus. The drugs were hidden on the ship

CBS News reported that police seized nearly 60 packages of cocaine aboard a ship docked in Peru bound for Belgium. The medicine was hidden in the ventilation system in the asparagus container. The parcels contained Nazi symbols – the flags of the Third Reich, which had a swastika, and the inscription “Hitler”.

The cocaine was seized on May 25 in the northern port of Baita. According to a local police report cited by CBS News, the 58-kilogram packages were placed in a container of asparagus that was transported aboard the Liberian-flagged vessel SC Anisha R. Ecuadorfrom Peru was to sail to Belgium.

As evidenced by photographs provided by the police, the cocaine was hidden in the container’s ventilation system. Parcels were marked with a red flag for the third thing, with the swastika symbol in the middle. One of the photos shows the inscription “Hitler”, which was revealed after the foil protecting the packaging was removed. The services do not say where the Nazi symbols on the drugs came from.

The police have not yet reported any arrests in connection with the case. The rest of the containers are being searched for, of which the total number of containers on board is 80.

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Peru. 100 tons of cocaine a year

CBS News reported that in 2022, Peruvian authorities seized 22 tons of cocaine. Local authorities estimate that more than 100 tons of this substance are produced annually in their country, most of which ends up in Europe. Goods are usually smuggled by sea, but there is also an alternative route Bolivia. Cocaine is transported there by small planes, and it is loaded onto ships only in Bolivian ports.

According to data from the US government agency DEA, Peru It is the second after ColombiaThe largest cocaine producer in the world.

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