His tattoos were annoying. Then the drama began

  • The tattoo of Jonathan Copenhaver, later known as The War Machine, caused concern. On his arm, he had a tattoo of people impaled, among other things
  • The American was released from the UFC after he began refusing to fight and suggested that the former UFC champion had committed suicide. Later, he not only fought in MMA, but also starred in adult films
  • When 29 of the 34 charges were proven shortly thereafter, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment
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Not only was Jonathan Copenhaver a mixed martial arts fighter with amazing talent, he was unlikely to make a huge career. However, undoubtedly, he had a lot of skills, which is confirmed by his participation in the well-known show of dexterity of fighters “The Ultimate Fighter”, as well as his successful debut in the world’s largest mixed martial arts federation, the UFC.

The American won in the third round against Jared Rollins, but his UFC career ended after a few months. At first he lost to Yoshiyuki Yoshida, then he refused the fight he was offered, and then he negatively surprised everyone for the first time.

What else is a low-paid player supposed to do after retirement? Starting a business for $10 an hour? – he wrote on social networks when information appeared about the death of the former champion of the Federation, Ivan Tanner, who decided to travel alone through the desert. Copenhaver noted that Tanner committed suicide and did not change his mind even when police investigators denied this thesis.

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