High school graduates used ChatuGPT during testing

High school graduates from Hamburg were supposed to use ChatuGPT during the exam, which helped them solve the tasks. The case arose when one of the students admitted that he had used artificial intelligence.

According to the portal ndr.de, high school graduates from a school in Hamburg are suspected of using ChatuGPT during a written exam. This information was confirmed by the school authorities who said that “there are several suspicious cases”.

Local media explains that although high school graduates are required to hand in their smartphones before entering the exam, it appears that some of them smuggled a spare phone into the room.

Artificial intelligence in high school

The case was exposed when, during final exams, a teacher noticed a phone with ChatGPT open on a student. The student pleaded guilty to attempted fraud.

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As the teachers mentioned that the work of the other students also looked suspicious, the school authorities decided to investigate the matter.

Special software was used to check whether the text was generated by artificial intelligence. Then it turned out that some of the papers were probably written by ChatGPT.

The case was addressed by local education board authorities, who said suspicion is one thing, but at this point it would be very difficult to prove someone guilty and it would be unlikely that students would have to retake their exams.

A representative of the Board of Trustees said, “Ultimately, fraud will undoubtedly be difficult to prove if the student is not caught in the act.”

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School authorities maintain that the download itself is nothing new and that the problem has been around for a long time, but the tools that make it possible have changed.

The school administration is demanding precise guidance from the authorities on how teachers should deal with the phenomenon of the use of artificial intelligence by students.

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