Head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration: I decided to include 365 citizens of Belarus in the sanctions list

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Mariusz Kamensky, decided to include 365 Belarusian citizens in the sanctions list and freeze the financial and economic resources of 20 entities and 16 other persons mainly associated with the Russian capital. Among those sanctioned is Alexander Lukashenko’s eldest son, Viktor, who is currently the president of the Belarusian Olympic Committee and worked in the past as a security adviser.

And the Ministry of Interior and Administration announced in a statement on Monday that in With regard to upholding the “harsh sentence in the case Andrei Bokzobot and repression by the Belarusian authorities against political opponents of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko,” the head of the ministry decided, “the entry of 365 citizens Belarus To the list of foreigners whose stay on the territory of Poland is undesirable.

As it was added, these people will be “barred from entering.” Schengen areaIt was also subject to the freezing of funds and economic resources. In addition, the Minister decided to freeze funds and economic resources against 20 entities and 16 persons primarily associated with Russian capital. Ministry of Interior and management.

Ministry of Interior and Administration: Sanctions now apply to all members of the Belarusian parliament

According to the Ministry’s statement, out of the 365 citizens of Belarus covered by the restrictions, there are, among other things, 159 deputies. The Ministry of Interior and Administration noted that “other members of parliament have already been placed on the Polish sanctions list. Therefore, the sanctions now apply to all members of the Belarusian parliament.” “The restrictions also apply to judges (76 people), public prosecutors (7 people), representatives of local administration (32 people) and law enforcement officers and personnel (28 people),” she added.

The list also includes representatives of the media of the Belarusian regime engaged in propaganda activities (23 people), athletes and sports activists (24 people), employees of Belarusian government offices, institutions and companies (8 people), people active in the field of culture and science (8 people) ” – We read in the statement.

Sanctions included Rihor Azaronak, host of several radio and television programs, head of state television Ivan Eggsmant, reporter Ksenia Lebediwa, Alexander Lukashenko’s spokeswoman Natalya Eggsmant and commentator Vadzim Hehin.

Also on the list is Alexander Lukashenka’s eldest son, Viktor, who is currently the president of the Belarusian Olympic Committee and, in the past, worked as a security consultant.

Sanctions were also imposed on the head of the State Security Committee (KGB) Ivan Tertel, prosecutor general Andrei Shvid, speaker of the upper house of parliament Natala Kachanava. Dozens of judges responsible for issuing political rulings have also been added to the list. There is for example Dzmitryj Bubienczyk, who conducted the trial and passed the sentence against Andrzej Poczobut, the representative of the Polish minority.

Business entities included in the sanctions list

“In addition, the list includes entrepreneurs associated with Russian capital. They are 15 citizens of the Russian Federation and one Belarusian. The sanctions also include 20 business entities (19 associated with Russia And 1 is associated with Belarus) ”- added.

Among them are members of the Edilbeev family, Russian citizens of Chechen origin who, according to the Internal Security Service, are supposed to maintain contact with the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. Related penalties included: High League Bielski and H-Agency companies that operate as part of the High League union, which organizes a freak show fighting party. The list also includes the company Monolit, which belongs to members of this family and which deals with, among other things, the manufacture of tombstones and has a registered office in Warsaw.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration stated that “these people promoted the Belarusian regime, and also participated in legitimizing and supporting the repressive policy of the authorities in Minsk.” “They are also responsible for the politically motivated verdict against Andre Bokzobot on false charges,” she added.

“The persons on the Sanctions List also participated, among other things, in the collection of materials and the conduct of proceedings related to the participation of Belarusians in pro-democracy protests. The persons on the Sanctions List are responsible, among other things, for the use of physical and psychological torture, beatings, intimidation and discrimination against the Polish minority, The persons on the list were also involved in the destruction of Polish cemeteries and monuments in Belarus.

It was also added, “Among those subject to the restrictions are those responsible for organizing illegal immigration to Poland and the Baltic States.”

Main image source: Paul Belta/Associated Press/East News

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