Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism on the first apartment program: the rule will not work

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It is about the Law on State Assistance in Saving for Housing Purposes, which offers ia a secure loan with state subsidy for installments and a housing account with a housing allowance from the state budget. The loan can be granted for the first apartment – persons who are part of the borrower’s family will not be able to acquire, on the date of granting the loan, or in the past, an apartment, a house or a cooperative right to an apartment or a house. Parliamentary work on these provisions ended on Friday.

“We are waiting for the president’s signature, and according to the plan, the program will be launched at the beginning of July,” – noted Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Boda.

“We are proposing a revolutionary solution that has never been seen before in a free Poland. It is the people who are interested who will decide how to use the subsidy provided. Size, location, secondary or primary market, house or apartment – citizens, not officials, will decide these issues “- said the president In a comment sent to PAP.

“We have kept our promises when it comes to deadlines. We will also keep the assurance that there will be no shortage of money. There will be no + first come, first served + principle” – assured Boda.

The first apartment program consists of two pillars – remember the ministry. “One is a 2 percent safe loan (a loan support system for the purchase of an apartment or first house) and the other is a konto miscanyoye (that is, assistance in saving for the purchase of an apartment) – indicated the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism. Both tools are intended to support people up to 45 years of age who are on Willing to buy their first apartment or single-family home or planning to do so in the future.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism indicated that details of the new program are available on the MieszkictedlaCiebie.gov.pl website. https://www.gov.pl/web/mieszkanie-dla-ciebie. In it you can find the information booklet Live Alone, that is, a guide to state housing programs, including the First Apartment program.

According to Minister Buda, it is the best and safest source of information. “Unfortunately, websites with misinformation are already appearing on the Internet. The information on our website is checked, all the rules for operating programs and all the requirements that must be met are described in an accessible way,” – said the minister.

The president has 21 days to sign the bill. According to the plan, the call for applications to participate in the program will start on Monday, July 3. The ministry said that the Ministry of Development and Technology is in the process of finalizing work on the content of the agreement with Bank Gospodarstoa Krawigo, and BGK is in the process of finalizing work on agreements with commercial banks participating in the program.

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology added that the law on state assistance in saving for housing purposes also includes provisions limiting allocations to reservation and development contracts, which will eliminate the earning model on bulk allocations to such contracts.

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