He was in love with her, he decided to kill her the next day. Behind the scenes of crimes for years

A 42-year-old man, who confessed to killing an unknown woman 16 years ago and hiding her body in the woods, faces a life sentence. – The man is suspected of premeditated murder in connection with rape – Krzysztof Kobanja of the Lodz Public Prosecutor’s Office. The explanations given by the 42-year-old paint a harrowing picture of what happened in July 2007.

On Thursday, tvn24.pl reported that in Łódź, after several months of searching The body of a 39-year-old woman was foundwho has been missing for 16 years. The alleged perpetrator was arrested soon after. The man was taken to the building of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź-Gorna on Thursday afternoon. There he described in detail how the crime occurred, which, according to the investigators, took place on July 26, 2007. – The suspect admitted that he saw the next victim the day before. He liked it. He then planned to attack, rape and kill her, said Krzysztof Kobanja of the Lodz Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The suspect was about to start preparing for the crime right away – digging a grave in the nearby forest.

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– and testified the next day, getting up early. Wait for the victim to walk towards the bus stop. The attacker first tried to exploit the woman and then kill her by hitting her head hard, strangling her and pressing her chest with his knees, according to the public prosecutor.

nightmare years ago

The suspect gave the Public Prosecution a very detailed description of the incident. Some facts are too radical to say.

– There is no doubt that we are dealing with the brutal and cruel behavior of the perpetrator – says Krzysztof Kobanja.

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He adds that investigators have applied for the temporary arrest of the 42-year-old girl. The court will hear the request on Friday.

Breakthrough 16 years laterThe police in Lodz

As we were able to find out, the suspect had problems functioning in the community. He recently lived on the territory of a social institution.

Long search and hack

Commissioner Edita Machnik of the Łódź Police Press Office says that the case of the 39-year-old’s disappearance was recently dealt with by policemen from the archives of the 10th Criminal Precinct at the headquarters of the Regional Police in Łódź.

– The team consists of experienced police officers. Their task is to analyze cases that have been suspended for years, and which, using the latest research technologies, have a chance to be solved – the police officer confirms.

The search continued in the Lodz Gorna area

Main image source: TVN24

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