He shot the policemen in Poznan. He is charged with attempted murder. “A sense of danger gripped me”

The trial of Krzysztof J. , the 33-year-old, who shot black powder weapons at police officers a year ago, in the Poznań District Court. The man answers with attempted murder. In court, he did not argue that he had fired the shots. However, he did not admit that he wanted to kill someone. “A sense of danger overcame self-control. As such, I was aware of what happened when I was already on the ground – the defendant told the court.

On the night of May 8-9, 2022, police officers were called to the Śródka roundabout in Poznań, in connection with a report of one of the men assaulting women. The officers who arrived at the site selected and identified Krzysztof J. , who was then 32 years old. Unexpectedly, the man took out a gun with black powder and started shooting at the policemen, who also used guns.

The policeman was hit in the stomach and wrist, and the policewoman suffered a shoulder bruise and burns from the gunpowder canister. A 32-year-old man was shot in the arm and legs.

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After leaving the hospital, Krzysztof J. active assault on officers, attempted murder of police officers, and unlawful possession of weapons and ammunition.

On Friday, May 26, the trial of the accused began in the District Court of Poznań. Krzysztof J. pleads not guilty, and claimed he did not want to kill the policemen. At the same time, he did not argue that he fired the shots.

– The situation was such that when the officer asked me to undress in a public place, he asked me to take off my jacket, I was so nervous that when he said that, I lost my temper. A sense of danger outweighed self-control. As such, I was aware of what had happened when I was already on Earth. It was as if I was watching but had no awareness of what was happening, as if my body was acting independently of my will

Krzysztof J. said in court.

added: “I remember shooting the cops twice. I did it because I felt threatened. This was due to the fact that I had previously dealt with police abuse. A few years ago the police stopped me and took me to the police station and searched my apartment. I know from a lawyer that it has no legal basis.

The defendant indicated that he purchased the black powder gun for recreational purposes to defend against animals. He took it with him when he went for a walk. Earlier, he testified that he bought the gun and ammunition from an online store based in the Czech Republic.

In court, he stressed that he believed he knew enough about the gun to conclude he had purchased it legally.

As mentioned by Krzysztof J. that during the police intervention in May last year, he felt as if someone “He stopped controlling his body”. He said he had neurological treatment in the past.

His mother told the court of the defendant’s illnesses. Janina indicated that her son received neurological and psychological treatment from the age of 5 to 18 years. She added that the first disturbing symptoms appeared when he was 4 years old.

He started having emotional and social problems. He was very reluctant to interact with other children, not wanting to exchange toys with them, he pushed a child

Janina said.

She explained that she went with her son to a mental health clinic, the EEG result was abnormal, and the doctor prescribed medications, but no definite diagnosis was made. Krzysztof J. was only diagnosed with epilepsy at school age – an unusual condition affecting 1 in 1,000 people.

Epilepsy seizures appear in the form of aggression. Then the son threw himself at the other children, after which he did not know what he had done. In addition to these major attacks, it turned out that he was also experiencing a second blackout – he didn’t know what was happening to him and didn’t remember that this blackout was there. Over time, I learned to recognize him closing his eyes

explained the accused’s mother.

When Krzysztof J. reached the age of 18, he stopped treatment.

– After visiting a neurologist, he came and said that the doctor decided that he had recovered and that he did not need to take medication. The son said that he was not sick, and that I convinced him that he was sick and would not be treated

– said the woman and added that over the years, Krzysztof felt worse and worse.

She indicated that her son was interested in staying alive, at first he walked and traveled a lot, and with time he began to change.

– The son was engaged in academic priesthood, had a girlfriend, went to parties, met people. I got worried when my son started saying he knew something better than me because he was talking to God and God was telling him what to do. He didn’t want to go to a psychiatrist. He went once when I asked the priest to talk to him about it

she added.

Janina went on to say that after 2018 her son began isolating himself more and more. He locked himself in his room, where he lay down, prayed and meditated, and only went out to eat.

– In the last year before the accident, he only left the house when it got dark. During the epidemic, he walked around with a hood covering his face and after that he never took it off. He is mad about his freedom and his confession. He avoided the cameras, and his cell phone was always off. Since the covid death, he has not returned to fitness. There was an hour walk before bed. Most of the time he lay on the couch meditating and praying. He was alone in his room all day

I explained.

She added: “Just before the accident, he was walking around as if he was unconscious. He complained that he had not been able to sleep for two weeks.

Ms. Janina emphasized that when stressed, a person panics, breathes rapidly, breathing is shallow and hyperventilation occurs. She noted that—as the EEG showed—during hyperventilation, her son’s sharp waves and seconds of unconsciousness increased.

Krzysztof J. is even facing a life sentence for attempted murder

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