He drove from curb to curb. Civilian shot of a drunk driver

Near Słupca in Wielkopolska, the driver noticed a car driving across the entire width of the road and posing a threat to other road users. They reported the situation to the police and they cleverly stopped the drunk driving man. Now he will have to prove himself in court.

Assistant Staff Marlena Kocaoka from the Boveat Police Headquarters in Sopka told us that on Friday, May 26, in the evening in Wirzebuch, a drunk driver was arrested. – A family passing by in the village notices a car moving the entire width of the road, which often enters the oncoming lane, – describes the conditional.

Witnesses saw the danger posed by the driver, and decided to stop the car. – They safely overtook the car, and then, gradually reducing the speed, stopped the car behind them. Then, wanting to prevent further driving, they took the keys out of the engine and called the police patrol to the spot – says the officer.

Safety above all

The officers who arrived at the scene checked the driver’s sobriety. It turns out he has about 1.8 per mile of alcohol in his system. – The irresponsible man was arrested, he lost his driver’s license, and now the court will decide his fate, – describes Asp. Work crew. Cocoa.

The conditional states that civil recognition is mentioned in art. 243 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, in which we read that everyone has the right to arrest a person in the act of committing a crime or to a prosecution that takes place immediately after the commission of the crime, if there is a fear that this person or his crime will be concealed. Identity cannot be determined. The person caught must be immediately handed over to the police.

An example of circumstances in which we can arrest a perpetrator is when we see a driver whose behavior indicates that he is driving under the influence of alcohol. Arresting a person is not a legal obligation, but a right that every citizen has. We can intervene before the police arrive. However, you should always consider your safety and health.

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