He cut off a roundabout because a woman fired shots at him. insulted a pregnant woman

A video has surfaced on the Internet showing a BMW driver blocking another car first, wanting to make an illegal right turn. Then he pulled over, stopped traffic at the roundabout, and got out of the car to insult the eight-month-pregnant woman behind the wheel who dared honk at him. The man was supposed to explain that he always turns in that direction.

The dangerous situation occurred on June 1 around 10:00. 15 at Rondo Środka in Poznań.

The BMW driver wanted to turn right from the front straight. Thus, the woman was cut off. I hit the driver who was driving illegally, which he obviously didn’t like.

He stopped at the roundabout and got out of the car

The man stopped the car, ignoring the fact that he was obstructing traffic, got out of the car and approached the person who had blown his whistle in his face. According to the account of the woman who recorded the whole event, he had to insult her.

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The video is circulating on the Internet. It can be seen for example on the Stop Cham channel. From the video description we learn that The woman was eight months pregnant.

“It always turns out like this.”

My grandfather cut me off, claiming he was also allowed to turn right from his own lane. It is likely that you earned your license in a bundle of chips – imposing priority with non-compliance with horizontal and vertical signs “- we read in the quoted report.

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“It’s good that the speed was low, because my new car would have already worn out badly on the left side. Given the age of this man, I am convinced that even people over 50 should pass not only medical examinations, but also knowledge of traffic.

The BMW driver was also supposed to give an absurd explanation for the situation. He said “It always turns like that and it’s so slow“.

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