Ground frost in six counties. IMGW Alerts

Frost will appear at night from Friday to Saturday. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued alerts in the north and northwest of the country.

Forecasters of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (imgw) weather warnings.

IMGW Alerts – Frostbite

Class 1 frost warnings have been issued for the following counties:

West Pomeranianoutside the northern regions;

Pomeranianout of counties: puck, GdyniaSopot, Gdansk;

Kuyavian-Pomeranianfor environments: Sępólno and Tuchola;

Warminesko Mazurskyfor the counties: Elbląg, Braniewo, Bartoszycki, Olsztyński, Ostróda, Iława;

Greater Polandfor buffets: Złotów, Piła, Chodzież and Czarnków-Trzcianecki;

Lubowskifor the Strzelce-Dresdenki poviat region.

The air temperature is expected to drop to about 2 degrees Celsius, on the ground to -2 degrees Celsius. Alerts will be in effect from 3-6 on Saturday.

IMGW Meteorological for IMGW

What is a Class I Meteorological Warning? IMGW

A first-class warning states conditions that lead to the occurrence of dangerous meteorological phenomena that may cause material damage and threaten health and life. Managing work in conditions of exposure to these factors is difficult and dangerous. Anticipate difficulties resulting from activities in the area where the threat occurs, including delays caused by traffic obstructions, disruptions during, or possible cancellation of, external events. Caution is advised, with the need to follow messages and weather developments.

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