Green light for a new benefit. “It will cover at least half a million citizens in varying amounts.”

On Friday, the House of Representatives passed a state subsidy bill for Adults with Disabilities. The allowances range from 40% to 220% of the social pension.

445 deputies voted in favor of adopting the Subsidy Benefits Act, one member voted against, and seven abstained.

Woodweck: That’s a fundamental change

Before the vote, Bowie and Dufek, Deputy Family Minister and Government Commissioner for Disabled Affairs, took the floor. As mentioned, the Subsidy Subsidy Act was “era-making.”

– This is a fundamental change in social policy, as well as in the approach to people with disabilities. Our government has taken implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities very seriously – stressed Ludwik. – Starting with the Accessibility plus program through the Solidarity Fund, we have reached the point where a person with disabilities becomes a subject and a decision-maker in their own affairs – stated the Deputy Minister.

He noted that the law also solves the problem of combining paid work for caregivers with care benefits. – We are introducing a change that can work without restrictions for carers of children up to 18 years of age. After the age of 18, we offer a support benefit which, for the first time in Poland, will be based on a functional assessment of disability, that is, what a person can do, not what they lack, Wdówik emphasized.

He noted that people who need the highest level of support will additionally, along with other benefits, receive PLN 3.5 thousand. PLN – 220 percent social pension.

– This is a benefit that will cover at least half a million citizens in varying amounts. We will start paying them from January (2024 – ed.). The deputy minister said that the benefit costs PLN 4 billion, but this money is there, because in Poland a disabled person becomes a citizen, not a ward.

Support utility

According to the law, the subsidy will be directed directly to people with disabilities. The amount of the benefit will be linked to the amount of the social pension. Its value in 2023, after comparison, was PLN 1588.44 gross per month.

During the work of the House of Representatives, significant changes to the bylaws were in progress.

The adopted law states that the maintenance benefit is paid to a person starting from the age of 18. In the previous version, the solution was to cover everyone, regardless of age.

The law stipulates that the subsidy is paid at 40 percent. Up to 220 percent social pension – depending on the level of need for support. Decisions determining the level of support required will be issued by the District Disability Assessment Teams at the request of persons with disabilities.

The support allowance will be paid monthly in the amount of 220% of the social pension if the need for support is between 95 and 100 points. 180 percent The social pension is set at the level of 90 to 94 points, 120 percent. Social pension – at the level of 85 to 89 points 80%. Social pension – at the level of 80 to 84 points 60 percent. Social pension – at the level of 75 to 79 points and 40 percent. Social pension – at the level of 70 to 74 points.

When determining the need for support in the form of points, the following will be taken into account: the ability of a person to independently perform certain activities or tasks related to daily functioning and his age.

The level of need for support will be determined on the basis of observation, direct interview and performance evaluation of the person applying for this support.

Support will be paid Social security.


According to the law, an application for determining the right to a subsidy benefit must be submitted no later than the month in which the decision determining the level of subsidy need became final. Applications to ZUS are submitted in electronic form only.

If a disabled person submits an application within three months of turning 18, the right to a support benefit will be established from the month of majority.

Furthermore, according to the law, nursing benefits are paid to each eligible disabled child in the household, not to just one person. A caregiver who receives a Long-Term Care Benefit will be able to earn extra money without any limit.

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