Great photo by Lewandowskis. Comments poured in

In the year 2022, the Lewandowski family has moved from Munich to Barcelona and this is where they live their lives now.

I am an extrovert so I adapt quickly. My husband is an introvert, so this adaptation seemed pretty subtle to him. He was primarily focused on football issues. I did all the housekeeping. I found it quickly. I knew it was a priority because Robert was traumatized after spending three months in a hotel in Dortmund. Now we are starting to enjoy life in Spain to the fullest. We value what we have. We go out in the morning with the kids, buy coffee, walk on the beach and meet friends in our free time – said Anna Lewandowska in November 2022. In an interview with Przeglad Sportowy Onet.

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Anna Lewandowska posed for an adorable photo with her husband

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