Google Maps – The future is today, any 3D road trip is possible thanks to artificial intelligence

Google Maps is a useful tool used by millions of people. Now, however, Google is going one step further and presenting what seemed like a vision of the future. All thanks to artificial intelligence and immersive vision. Check out the details.


Without a smartphone, like without a hand, right? Currently, we are so accustomed to mobile technologies that it is difficult for us to do without them. Is this good? This is a topic for another occasion, but every day we have the pleasure of using several, New technological solutions that make our life so much easier. One of them is Google Maps.

Google Maps is a very useful and multifunctional tool. It is mainly associated (indeed, more or less correctly) with portability in the field, but although it is a pioneer, it is only one of the possibilities, andGoogle Maps works for trip planning, useful even for upcoming holidays. Fortunately, Google still does not stop improving its services and systematically adding new options to it, such as:

Among this audience, everyone will certainly find something useful for themselves, but it turns out Google is taking a surprisingly futuristic approach to this topic. what is he talking about?

Of course, the main feature of Google Maps, as mentioned, is Navigation and guidance in the field, has many additional options. Not only does it help in getting to know the terrain and determine the itineraries for our journey, but it greatly enriches it. Let’s just take Google Live Viewthat we can play on our smartphones during a hiking trip.

It just won’t be allowed Determine the exact location of our stay thanks to Google MapsBut with AR technology, directions on the road will appear directly on our smartphone screen, after pointing the camera lens to the right place.

In addition, we have an interesting option in the form of Immersive View, which Google has recently developed. So far, however, this function has been addressed mainly to tourists and lovers of interesting places, Display a 3D image of interesting and popular objects on the screen. Now, however, this already pleasant service will be greatly enriched.

Panorama is a service built into Google Mapswhich is based on artificial intelligence. With its help, as mentioned, until now it was possible to display the image of specific places and objects. But soon this will be expanded to entire tracks. how?

Well, when we mark the route we are interested in in Google Maps, we will get it The ability to enable traceability in 3D. This is due to artificial intelligence and special software, thanks to which, using millions of Street View images, a realistic picture of our path will be created.

Moreover, the rendering works instantly, without having to point the smartphone in real time at objects on our path, as is the case with AR. However, that’s not all, because while previewing the track in the global view, we have the choice Check the weather and traffic in a particular section In both current and future projections.

Unfortunately, The new path option is rendered in 3D It will initially cover only fifteen major cities around the world. However, it is expected to be expanded in the coming months and will also head to Poland, which is well worth the wait.

I must admit that the ability to supply 3D way Every meter of our trip using the sweeping view from Google Maps looks almost futuristic. Similar solutions a few years ago were mainly associated with films about the future, but new technologies prove that the future is today.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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