Good performance of Polish rowers at the European Championships in Slovenian Bled. Medal Saturday? The world champions did not disappoint

Two men’s crews – four coxlessis, four doubles, and women’s lightweight doubles qualified for the finals of the European Rowing Championships held in Bled, Slovenia. Marta Velichko has withdrawn from the regatta due to health reasons. The finals are scheduled to take place on Saturday.

The first day for the Polish rowers was not very successful. Did not advance directly to finals settlement. The second day was much better. They had a very good performance Martina Raduz, Katarzyna and Jena, who won the repechage in the double lights class and sailed the A final. Fabian Barraski, Mateusz Biskup, Dominik Zaga and Miroslav Zetarski.

There will also be four without a coxswain in the final race (Mikolaj Borda, Mateusz Wilangowski, Łukasz Posyłajka, Emilian Jakowiak).

– I spoke with the group coach, Maciej Couric, and he admitted that this settlement is not 100% repeatable. Good races alternate with poor performances. Today was a better day, they sailed well and with confidence and advanced to the final

The sports director of the Polish Association of Rowing Associations told PAP Andrzej Krzepinski.

Jerzy Kowalski and Daniel Geza She took 5th place in the semi-finals and will fight in the B-finals. She resigns from participating in the European Championships Marta Velichko. cause of health problems.

My husband is ladies (Polina Czerzanowska, Joanna Dittmann, Isabella Gajek, Barbara Strange) She arrived last in the repechage and would perform in the B final, as well as the four without coxswain (Olga Michakevich, Katarzyna Boruc, Zuzana Lesnar and Victoria Kamericzak).

Lightweight singles will also sail into the B Final – Jessica Sobieczowka and Kasze Sawecki And two without coxswain: Barbara Jechorek and Anna Putrzewska. On the other hand, men’s doubles (Krzysztof Kasparek and Simeon Posnik) It will be in C final.

The men’s eight will perform in the finals, which, due to the small number of entries, will fight for medals.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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