Get up, let’s go

Friday 26 May 2023 (1:54 PM)

Update: Friday 26 May 2023 (14:09)

On the eve of the celebration of the Holy Spirit (May 27), the Children’s Station of the Third Conference of Movements, Communities and Church Assemblies of the Ek Diocese will be held in the Shrine of Our Lady of Studzieniczańska with the motto “Stand Up, Let’s Go!”.

To Studzieniczna Fr. Bishop Jerzy Mazur, Bishop of Icke, invites all children, especially children from the Back Rosary Clubs, First Communion and Anniversary Parties, from Caritas School clubs, missionary groups, altar boys, children’s choirs, children from newly minted communities, children from Eucharistic youth. Movement and Children of the Salesian Rhetoric. We kindly inform the Department of the General Ministry (tel. 14-68-87621) of all groups from individual parishes, because before the Divine Liturgy. All groups will be welcomed during the telecast.

As part of the convention center experience, kids go to Studzieniczna They bring gravel (Size: 2-3 cm) painted in the following colors: the colour blue (First Communion and Children of Remembrance, Children of the Altar, Children of the Eucharistic Youth Movement), green color (Children from Caritas School Clubs, Children’s Schools, Children from Neocatechumenal Communities), the yellow color (Kids from backyard rosary circles, kids from missionary groups, kids from Salesian oratory). Children bring scarves or shawls of the same colors.

Just like last year, the kids will have the chance to go on a boat ride.

As part of the Children’s Conference Center, the Department of Christian Education organizes Art Competition for “My Place in the Church”. Contest works must be submitted to the Department of Catechism by May 22. The award ceremony will take place immediately after the mass. In Studzieniczna.

The gift of conference from children, and in a special way from First Communion children, would be intentional To support the missionary work “Rays of Mercy”. The money raised will be used to support Ignaś – a disabled boy from our missionary parish in Tanzania, Fr. Arcadius Dardzinsky. We encourage all children to participate in the transfer of this ray of mercy (a wheelchair for children with disabilities).

The meeting will be broadcasted by Telewizja Czasm.

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