Gala in Wielkopoland 2023: statuettes were presented to the award-winning women in Wielkopolska

On May 26, on Mother’s Day, Wielkopolska women working in community, entrepreneurship and education are honored. 3 winners were selected in the first edition of the WielkoPolka contest.

WielkoPolka is a competition aimed at women whose activities are related to the Wielkopolska company, and the activities themselves focus on education, entrepreneurship or social activism. The WielkoPolka contest is part of the Year of Jadwiga Zamoyska celebrations. Read more:

Nominees, among whom the jury selected award-winning women from Wielkopolska, can be submitted via an online form until May 7. During the festive ceremony in the castle on Mount Przemysło, on May 26, Mother’s Day, 3 winners from 3 different categories were chosen out of 80 candidates. Winners received women gnomes And Cash prizes of 6,000 zlotys.

winner in educational category (Under the auspices of the Wielkopolska Observer of Education) was Majorzata Rogal Drobinska – Long-term Kindergarten Director “horizons”. Apart from her, Magdalena Trepińska and Katarzyna Przybył-Tamowicz stand out.

Entrepreneurship category (class sponsor Małgorzata Waszak-Klepka, chairwoman of the Wielkopolska Voivodship) won by Honorata Hafke-Dys – active in the academic and entrepreneurial community, Dominika Narożna and Zofia Przybyła honored.

in category of social activity (Sponsor is Projekt PL and Zakłady Kórnickie Foundation) Agnieszka Kubicka and Sister Józefa Krupa, initiator of Jadlodajnia św. Elizabeth Caritas. The winner was Dorota Raczkiewicz – a volunteer and member of the Bone Marrow team.

The competition is organized by the Zakłady Kórnickie Foundation. The winning women received statuettes and cash prizes of 6,000 PLN. zlotys.

The chapter consisted of: Jadwiga Emilewicz (Member of the Polish Parliament), Małgorzata Waszak-Klepka (Chairman of the Wielkopolska Regional Assembly), Agata awniczak (Member of the Board of Trustees of the Zakłady Kórnickie Foundation), Magdalena Miczek (Kuratorium of Education in Pozna), Alic Stachowiak (Member of the Board of Trustees of the Zakłady Kórnickie Foundation) , a. UAM Dr. Love. Magdalena Biniaś-Szkopek (Professor, Faculty of History, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań) and Magdalena Helszer (Vice-President of Kostrzyn Sobiece Special Economic Zone).

The Friday gala was honored with a performance by Monica and Winiac, who performed Handel’s famous aria Passacaglia. The soloists of the Musical Theater in Poznań also performed – Anna Lasota, singing a song from the musical “Evita” – “Argentina need no tears” and Oksana Hammerska, who performed a song from the musical “Virtuoso”.

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