Foster family suspected of child abuse. Children show clear signs of physical abuse.

Once again, information surfaced about children being beaten and abused. This is exactly what the Greater Poland Voivode said on this subject. It is about twelve children from a foster family.

The babysitter in the kindergarten raised the alarm about suspected violence against children. The bodies of the victims were covered in bruises. – The injuries that these children suffer, we can suspect were caused by violence on the part of the adults, – explains the youngsters. Dominik Zielinski from the Powiat Police Headquarters in Vugrovice.

The bruises were on the body of a four-year-old child, and a child of the same age had similar bruises. Doctors looked at them in the hospital. – They have such scratches on their knees and elbows. Such a bruise around the ear and around the back, but not the same as saying “Oh, it was imprinted by someone’s hand, and you can see it” – Kristina Skrzyca, head of the neonatology department at the hospital in Wągrowiec, resides.

The hospital director is more assertive. – A four-year-old, a boy and a girl, are still with us for observation. These children have visible signs of physical abuse on their bodies. Other children also had this type of injury, but they did not require hospitalization – said Przemyslaw Bure, director of the district hospital in Vujrovec.

Flawless opinion

The governor called the crisis team. The case was taken very seriously, because all the children were subjected to violence. – First of all, I would like to emphasize here the efficiency and attentiveness of the services – says Michał Zieliński, voivode of Wielkopolska.

The detained parents — a 49-year-old woman and a 58-year-old man — have not yet heard any charges. – Now, after this incident, when we have a suspicion of violence, this family has been covered by the blue card procedure – says Young SB. Dominic Zelensky.

The detainees are threatened that they will not be a foster family. They have four children and eight others in their care. The adults have a very good reputation so far – they’ve been a foster family for eight years. – They also received our award, Unique Care Wings. I hope that this case will be clarified in their favor here, although we are waiting for the children to be heard by the Public Prosecutor’s Office – says Marek Durasek, director of the Boveat Center for Family Support in Nako nad Noticea.

The children will be placed – temporarily – with other families.

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