For the love of Mary

Friday 26 May 2023 (1:29 PM)

He thanked Stanisława Nowacka in Jasna Góra during the Divine Liturgy for the gift of her vocation and 30 years of service near Bl. Primate Wyszyński.

Stanisława Nowicka from Jasna Góra first worked in the Youth Counseling Center, which she also started and created, then in the Family Life Counseling Center and in the Jasna Góra Helpline. Here I participated in the constant prayer for the beatification of Fr. Card. Stefan Wyszyński, especially during the night vigils.

As Ms. Stanisława confirms, Bl. The Millennium Chief taught her, above all, to love the Mother of God. – For her, with her, through everything, because this is the way to Jesus, he said, the simplest. This sentence that sank into my soul is that there is no impossible when Mary guides and supports her, because she was the first to believe in the impossible. What was impossible with people is possible with God.

Stanisława Nowicka joined the Primate Wyszyński Institute in the early 1950s. – I have been at the institute for many years and every day I thank God for this path. I have a feeling all the time that my life is being directed by God, I don’t even make choices, I just see this one line I’m walking. Just like the boss, who repeated: “I bet everything on Mary,” she emphasized in one of the interviews.

said the father. Archbishop Andrzej Przybylski during the morning mass in the presence of Jubilarian. said the father. Bishop Przybylski.

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