Five light comedies for an evening with mom

On Mother’s Day, we recommend a joint movie show. Instead of films awarded at festivals – light Polish comedies. All with a great cast to watch in Player.

Although the critics did not leave a dry thread around it, “The End of the World or Kogel Mogel 4” turned into cinema last year anyway. In the first weekend after its premiere, it was watched by nearly 300,000 people. viewers. It was known that this segment of the Polish comedy cult would be the last. I felt relieved to write this script. I designed it in such a way that viewers will feel some satisfaction from the beautiful ending, but they will also understand that this is the end of this story, – said Ilona Cipkowska, screenwriter of the film.

“End of the World or Kogel Mogel 4” on TVN on the 20th and

Marcin (Kasia Solska’s son) and Agnieszka (Dr. Volynski’s daughter) stand in the way of their ex-lover Bozynka. Will Grandma Solska watch her only grandson get married? In the background, the love of Kasia Solska and Professor Wolański blossoms, as well as Piotruś and Marlenka, who are visited by their mother-in-law from America. In addition to the well-known actors from the first two parts of the film, such as Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska, Zdzisław Wardejn and Katarzyna Śniewska, the film also stars the favorites of the younger generation: Nikodem Rozbicki, Aleksandra Hamkało and Maciej Zakoscielny. A colorful duo was created by Katarzyna Skrzynecka and Dorota Stalińska.

Trailer “The End of the World, or Kogel Mogel 4”x-news

“You have a destiny!” In

It’s a black comedy from the creators of Bachelors Planet and Julius. In the aftermath of his grandfather’s funeral, the family discovers that the numbers he’s been playing his whole life have just won the lottery. However, the winning ticket was buried with him. There are many people willing to take her back, including a priest who quickly realizes how great the stakes are for his relatives. But the deceased’s fiancée refuses to open the coffin. The cast includes Marian Dziudziel, Piotr Joacki, Isabella Kuna and Sonja Bohucevic.

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“The perfect wedding” in

The comedy of errors Aleksandra Adamska (“Pattie”) Like a bride waiting to give birth to a child. Preparations for the wedding are underway, but the bride and groom hardly know each other – the betrothed is being blackmailed by the future mother-in-law. On the big day, a chain of events begins, which should lead to disaster. The witness and wedding planner are led in a whirlpool of lies and intrigue. In the film they play Ewa Kasperzyk, Adam Woronovich, Piotr Gowacki and Magdalena Lambarska.

“Zołza” in

Comedy based on the satirical autobiography of Ilona Cipkowska. Małgorzata Kożuchowska stars in the title role. Anna is a strong, confident successful woman who rocks the entire show business. It is she who creates and destroys the stars. But even though she seems to be in control of everything, events take her by surprise. The bitch needs to take control of her life. Kożuchowska is partnered with Artur Żmijewski. The film stars Anna Demna and Leon Charewicz.

“In-laws” in

This is another movie about a wedding, but in this case there was no wedding. Young people changed their minds. The bride and groom’s parents are shocked. What happened? Who’s wrong? The wedding continues, but tension builds, as the two families differ in literally everything – origin, status, taste. In the end, the party turns into a public laundry, and the ending surprises not only the heroes. Maja Ostaszewska, Isabella Kuna, Marcin Doroczynski and Adam Woronowicz star as potential in-laws.

“In-laws” dir. Cuba Michelczuknext movie

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