Fiat 126 50th birthday. Millions have driven the Malloch

The Fiat 126, a celebrity baby, celebrated its 50th birthday on Saturday in Bielsko-Biała, where it was built for many years. More than 250 cars powered by Polish engines attended the rally. 126 of them traveled the streets of the city.

According to the President of Bielsko-Biała, Jaroslav Kemachevsky, the little boy has not only changed the face of Bielsko-Biała, but has also revolutionized the country.

– 50 years ago the first piece arrived. In total, 3.3 million copies were produced. Bielsko-Biała has changed incredibly thanks to this investment. In 1970, the population was about 100,000. After 10 years, the number was already 160,000. A local government official said that without the small car factory, without engines, there would not be such a dynamic economic and cultural development in Bielsko-Biawa.

The celebrity kid’s 50th birthdayPAP / Zbigniew Meissner

Memories with the child. ‘It was a social phenomenon’

As Klimaszewski recalled, he and his family went on vacation to the Baltic Sea and came back with his baby red.

– We drove in both directions without a hitch, but I will ask: who set the child on fire from behind, from the hatch, with a stick? raise your hand! Oh, welcome to the club – he joked, saying hello to dozens of people who used to operate a Fiat engine in a similar way.

One of the organizers of the event, Przemyslaw Targos, told the media that he associates the little boy with trips to Yugoslavia. The toddler was a social phenomenon. He decided to develop the city. We want to cultivate the history of the Fiat 126. Mine is 47 years old. It is very well maintained. He stressed that I would keep it for my children.

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Sawawik and Maria, along with their children, Victoria and Bowie, were among the marchers. We bought a baby for our daughter. She is disabled and this is a form of psychological rehabilitation. We go on trips together. We want our daughter to leave the four walls. We decided to buy an old Fiat and restored it with my wife in our garage. One neighbor helped with welding, the other with the engine. Our child is 24 years old. (…) It’s a great car. Once, when our daughter was one year old, we drove a Fiat 126p to the tents Slovakia. There was room for everything, tents, sleeping bags, food. This car has a soul, it is a way of life, said Sławomir in an interview with the Polish News Agency.

The fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the famous MallochPAP / Zbigniew Meissner

Christmas attractions

Little kid experts plan to celebrate their favorite birthday all day Saturday. After the parade through the city streets, a family picnic began at Ziyad’s headquarters. Scheme ia demonstrations of police, fire and border guard equipment as well as GOPR. There will be presentations of achievements related to the Fiat 126p. The most beautiful cars will also be chosen from among the participants.

The Fiat 126 has been with Poland’s engines for several decades and is still considered a cult car, although it is so rare on Polish roads. It was first presented in October 1972 at the Turin Motor Show. On October 29, 1971, a licensing agreement for the production of the Fiat 126 was concluded in Poland.

The first 126 “p” badges were assembled in Bielsko-Biała on June 6, 1973 from Italian parts. Several days later, during the celebration of the communist newspaper “Tribona Robotnikza”, five children were drawn on the Silesian playground. These were the first cars that got into the hands of private owners.

The fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the famous MallochPAP / Zbigniew Meissner

Millions rode on Polish roads

The first price for a small child was 69,000. zlotys. The average salary at that time was 3-4 thousand. zlotys. In 1973, 1,500 of them rolled off the production lines in Bielsko, and in 1974 – 10,000. In 1975, the production of toddlers was launched at Factory No. 2 in Tychy.

In 1975, the Fiat 126 p took part in the 43rd Monte Carlo Grand Prix, but was out of competition. He did it all the way. The car was driven by Sobiesław Zasada and Longin Bielak.

The millionth baby was produced in 1981, the two millionth in 1985, and the three millionth on July 20, 1993. The last model left the factory on September 22, 2000. In total, more than 3.3 million of them were produced in Poland, of which more than 1.1 million were from Bielsko – Pyasha, and the rest are in Tyshe. Of these, 897,000 were exported in the years 1975-1992. little ones. in Italy Between 1972 and 1980, 1.35 million were produced.

Small car factory in Bielsko-Biała

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Main image source: PAP / Zbigniew Meissner

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