farmers. Podlasie. This is what Gienek Onopiuk looked like before he became famous. How has the farm changed?

Years passed, and Gienek Onopiuk from the village of Plutycze always arouses great sympathy from the viewers of the Rolnicy.Podlasie program. Fans loved him for his honesty and original sayings. Our journalist was one of the first to visit him shortly after the series began broadcasting. See how he got it and what the farm of the biggest star of Rolnicy.Podlasie at the time looked like.

Thanks to the Farmers.Podlasie program, Gienek Onopiuk’s farm has changed a lot. In recent months, Genik, along with his son Andrzej, has decided to make a number of investments. Genek’s farm is changing, but he has not changed practically. He is still a humble man who takes care of his animals and works hard on the farm.

We did not have time to stop, and a plump old man appeared in the yard – our journalist described the first meeting with Genik. He’s wearing a tattered sweater, a gray blazer, dirty jeans and muddy rubber boots. Because, he says, he wouldn’t wear a tie. This is Cenik Onopyuk from the show “Farmers. Podlasie” followed by his son Andrzej.

Come on, I’ll show you the blue cows. Come on.. are you from the newspaper? Well, it doesn’t bother me, Mr. Jenik laughed

Then he said that he inherited the land from his grandfather and then from his father. In 1972 he left the army. Even served Ukraine. Well, he’s back in the role. “The house is ready,” he says. He keeps 40 cattle, 5 horses, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. He also has 50 hectares of land. The famous farmer receives 1,100 PLN in pension every month. And he doesn’t complain.

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– Wife – 20 years old. How did you find a boyfriend. It’s hard, I’m gone. She looks better there than when she was with us. Sam from Czyż there and I went there – says Mr. Gieniek. Not complaining about loneliness. And he swears he’s not looking for a new woman. – will not please the children’s friend. My kids are all grown up…and they won’t please her. And I will live to see … – joking.

He added that he did not feel like a celebrity. Carbonated water did not go to his head either, thanks to the performance in the program “Farmers. Podlasie.

– Where am I famous – he waves his hand. – But TV viewers often came here. I think that was fine. Because if it was bad for them, for those people on TV, they probably wouldn’t come a second time… – he wonders.

The program “Farmers. Podlasie” has been on Focus TV since November 2019. How did Mr. Genik become the hero of several episodes?

He explained, “My kids are on this Facebook, and I just don’t get it.” – I do not understand on the phone, what about Facebook? But all the kids have it,” she explains. And he brags that the youngest son was also on “Gentlemen and Villages.”

See what Genek’s farm looked like during the first series of the programme. Has much changed?

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