Family weekend at the museum. There are attractions for children and adults. Find out what will happen in the Podlasie Museum

It’s going to be a fun weekend at the museum. Interesting activities dedicated to the history of tea and coffee await the youngest. For the whole family – unique music workshops combined with a concert. In turn, the great museologists invite you to take a curatorial tour of the exhibition at the Museum of Icons in Sobriel.

Museum family weekends are a fun way to spend time with the kids. Instead of sitting at home, it is better to go to workshops or meetings with music. Find out what the Podlaski Museum has to offer on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, May 27 at the Museum of the Two States in Bielsk Podlaski (ul. Mickiewicza 45), in 11 classes will start for children aged 4-12 with their parents. During the meeting, you will be able to find out when we drink tea and coffee and how these drinks got to Poland. Children will also see vessels used to store, consume or transport drinks. And all this is surrounded by the exhibition “Coffee or tea? Archaeological evidence of beverage consumption in former Gdansk”. At the end, you’ll be able to make your own tea blend and create a decorative box.
Information and registration: 509336841.

Also on Saturday at 11.00 in the Town Hall in Bialystok (ul. Rynek Kościuszki 10) there will be classes for children aged 4-6, and on Sunday at the same time archaeologists invite children aged 7-12. Participants are invited by the organizers along with their parents. These activities are associated with the upcoming Children’s Day. A museum is a place many of us associate with silence. Is this always the case? Can we find hidden sounds, rhythm, key, and composition in the paintings? Can we hear the roar of a stream, the creaking of snow underfoot, the rustle of a fashionable lady’s dress while looking at a painting? During the meeting, participants will paint paintings inspired by music, search for sounds in the artworks presented in the Polish Painting Gallery, and listen to the concert “Children for Children” performed by students of IJ Paderewski in Bialystok. The Podlaski Museum in Bialystok and the IJ Paderewski Music School Complex in Bialystok. Information and registration: Tel. 960 516141

On Sunday, adults can take a guided thematic tour as part of the temporary exhibit, “Passion and Resurrection in the Christian East and West Tradition.” Start at 11 at the Icon Museum in Supraśl (ul. Klasztorna 1). The objects presented in the exhibition come from two private collections, from the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, the Art Department of the Podlasie Museum, and the Museum of Icons in Sobriel. On the one hand, this group is very diverse – due to age, technique, place of origin or author. On the one hand, it is very coherent, because it oscillates around the most important holiday of the Eastern and Western Church – Easter.

During the meeting, the organizers will pay special attention to the symbol of the Holy Cross, which shows us the essential secrets of the Christian faith: the unity of God in three persons and the redemption of humanity through the sufferings of Jesus Christ. The cross is a visible sign of the faith of every Christian, therefore, almost from the very beginning of the existence of the Church, it was revered, which was expressed not only in external signs of respect made by believers, but also in the imitation of church status. Cross symbol in temples, homes, workplaces or religious people who wear small metal crosses on the chest. Information and registration: 509336829.

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