Failed start to the World Championships for white and red! Start opening!

This year’s FIBA ​​3×3 World Championship, which takes place in Vienna from Tuesday, has started disastrously for the White-Reds. The Poles in the first match of the group stage unexpectedly surrendered to Puerto Rico 18:21.

Associations of Polish fans with the Puerto Rico national team have been very positive – it was this team that the Poles beat (21:14) in the quarter-finals of the World Cup four years ago, when they finally won their only medal to date. However, the competitor has since changed its composition, so it wasn’t clear what to expect from it.

The start of the match was not successful – our players played inaccurately, lost the ball and did not hit the basket, while the opponents started in spirit and after the first minute were leading 4: 0. When the Poles seemed to catch their rhythm (they led to 5: 5), it is only a matter of time before Because opponents caught a large number of fouls resulting in free throws for each subsequent offense, the Puerto Ricans made an effective triple. Throws for two and again developed a huge advantage (6:11).

Our basketball players had problems with hitting the basket from a long distance for a long time, they were also not always able to take advantage of chances near the basket, and if it were not for the incompetence of opponents, they could not increase their advantage. , the match could have ended faster. Hope for a positive result returned to the competition with 150 seconds left, when we managed to equalize again and even take a small lead (14:13, 16:15). Unfortunately, the Puerto Ricans fared much better in the end and eventually won 21:18.

On Tuesday, the White-Reds will have another match – at 14:25 the opponent of our team will be Israel, which lost in the first match to Belgium 18:21.

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