F1 has a problem with Red Bull’s dominance. He might change the rules

Between 2017 and 2020, nobody could stop Lewis Hamilton, the best Mercedes driver. In 2021, he lost to Verstappen in a title fight. It is worth remembering this event that changed the history of F1.

Red Bull dominates F1

In 2022, the technical regulations in Formula 1 were changed, thanks to which Mercedes completely ceased to dominate, and Red Bull entered the showrooms. Just like the season before Verstappen fought on equal terms with Hamilton, from that moment on he was the best in the entire field. Throughout the season, he scored 454 points, and Charles Leclerc II accumulated 308 points.

Red Bull also dominates this season. He has won all the races this year. In the general classification, Verstappen continues to consolidate his lead over Sergio Perez, his teammate. Currently he has 144 points and Perez has collected 105. Fernando Alonso is third (93) and Hamilton is fourth (69).

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