Ewa Ferna in an original hairstyle that not everyone liked. The singer responded to the criticism in a funny way

Ewa Ferna, who has not been seen for a long time, recently appeared in public at an industry event. She chose a rather original hairstyle, which caused a stream of comments. Many of them were unfavorable. Jennifer Lopez wore a similar hairstyle many years ago.


Ewa Varna is a singer who broke into the Polish music scene thanks to her performance in Szansa na Sukces. She was 12 years old at the time. Since then, a lot has changed in her life and she has become very popular. Fame did not mess with her head, but it caused many negative comments. Once she had to face hate about her weight, and now her hairstyle has recently gone public.

Ewa Verna During the industry event where she appeared, she chose an interesting style. She was wearing a loose-fitting blue and black sweater with a white blouse underneath. She also chose original jewelry. An interesting element of this creation was also the oversized black pants and shoes. However, it was not Ewa’s appearance that attracted attention, but her original hairstyle. The singer put her hair in a ponytail and styled it very interestingly Bangs. The short strands were arranged in imaginary waves and fitted with a special gel on the forehead.

Jennifer Lopez once decided on such a hairstyle.

Ewa Verna’s hairstyle didn’t appeal to many people, so they vented about it in their online comments. Fortunately, the star has quite a distance for this kind of opinion and answered all of her “fans” in a very wise way. In the relationship on Instastories, she commented on this thread:

I read about the fact that the haircut was a failure, that I didn’t look pretty, etc. I want to tell you that my dad didn’t understand baby hair either and told me it was actually a trend: When you were little and you came back from the playground and you looked the same way.

This isn’t the first time the singer has faced hate. At one point her weight and how she gained weight after pregnancy was widely commented on.

Baby hair is actually new hair that is just growing in. For many people, this is a serious aesthetic problem, but it is only temporary. Many new moms have certainly faced such a situation, but not only. The average person loses about 100 hairs a day, so it is normal for new hairs to take their place. It can only be annoying when it grows above the forehead or at the bottom of the neck and when the strands are tied up. However, it is worth being patient and waiting until the hair is fully grown. They may not be plucked, shaved or cut under any circumstances

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