Entering your data may result in the loss of your money. Fraud warning

Cybercriminals offer the possibility of receiving money for completing a survey on the use of BLIK, the cybersecurity team of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF CSIRT) reported on Twitter. He explained that entering his data portends a loss of money. – Do not get robbed and check the address of the site – warned.

CSIRT KNF posted warnings on their social media accounts. Beware of fake sites claiming to be #Przelewy24. Cybercriminals offer the opportunity to receive money for completing a survey about using #Blake. Entering your data on a dangerous site can lead to the loss of your money!

It is explained that after completing the survey, the user receives an email inviting them to claim the prize on offer. “Entering the link from the message leads to a dangerous page phishing for payment card details. Don’t get robbed and check the website address” – added.

Internet scams

CSIRT KNF recently reported on Fake ads posted on social media. As has been pointed out, cybercriminals use images of well-known institutions when posting fake investment advertisements.

“In April alone, we reported 367 fake ads and 1,409 dangerous domains associated with this scam,” she said. It was also added that the photo was used in it, among other things PGNiG (26%) Baltic Pipes (30%), Tesla (11%), banks (3%) and other state-owned enterprises (4%).

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