Edita Gornyak in “Juvenile Guest”. [OGLĄDAJ] From 19:20

Bogdan Rimanowski will speak with singer Edita Gornyak at the “Guest of Events” on Thursday – the day before the start of the Polsat SuperHit 2023 festival at the Sopot Forest Opera. Górniak will appear on stage on Saturday, the second day of the musical event.

Broadcast “Guest of Events” from 19:20 on polsatnews.pl on Interia, Polsat and Polsat News and Events 24.

The program also includes an interview with PSL leader Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and Barbara Socha, deputy minister for family, labor and social policy.

Previous episodes of the program can be watched here.

wka/Polsatnews.pl/Polsat News

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