Drama 12 children. Unofficially: the violence could have gone on for a long time

On Thursday morning, info on twelve childrenwho were taken to the hospital on suspicion of being used with them violence. It all started on Wednesday when Nannies in kindergarten Notice Annoying bruises on the body of a 4-year-old girl and her classmate. They both grew up in the same professional foster family.

Officers arrived at the children’s home and called an ambulance. After examining all the children, the doctors concluded that the marks on their bodies indicated violence. A 49-year-old woman and a 58-year-old man have been arrested in connection with the case.

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Mikael Zelensky, the Greater Poland voivode, called a crisis team on Thursday on the matter.

They have been running a foster family for years

Mr. and Mrs. B – according to information from the Wągrowiec police – to ajua (Greater Poland Voivodeship) moved a year ago. They lived in the former Nakło over Notecia (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province). on eight years They began to cooperate with them Buffat Family Support Center (PCPR).

The couple grew up Three of his natural children and one adopted. Firstly A child in a foster family They came under their seal in July 2015. – The court decides to place the children in a foster family each time – said Piotr Hemmerling, deputy director of the PCPR in Nakło nad Notecią, in an interview with polstnews.pl.

After reviewing the documents, the foster family decides to accept the children.

Over the years, consecutive charges have been filed under Mr. and Mrs. P.’s roof. under May 24 this year Their family already consists of a total of 12 children, incl Eight in the nursery. The younger ones are two, two are four, one is nine, and two are 11 and 14.

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for driving Professional foster family get married 4.5 thousand PLN per month. Unofficially, we learn that the guy works at the school as a teacher. For the costs of one child, they could receive up to 1.5 thousand zlotys. – In addition, these families get Payment of electricity, water and heating costs Hemmerling mentioned.

They are also entitled to 500 plus each childThat is, in total 6 thousand zlotys.

There may have been violence in the past

According to unofficial information, there may be some abuse by the guardians before.

– There was no such thing violence of this magnitude – said Himerling, explaining that there were some conflict situations, but “this is normal, because children of different backgrounds and different temperaments go to foster families.” – Such situations are solved in teams in the presence of educators, educators or psychologists, – he explained.

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We learned it informally Policemen from Nako nad Noticea They have already entered this house. Police spokesman He did not comment on these reportsbut he was informed that the case of this family was handed over to officers from KPP in Wągrowiec.

In an interview with Polsat News, the neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. P. also said that the educational methods left much to be desired. One woman said: “It shocks me that someone gave children to these people when they had to leave five years ago.” According to another resident, the 58-year-old “It is very difficult to live with himAnd his accusations had a “system”.

This man should chop off his head. They cannot have surrogate children. It’s all about the money, nothing else – said another interlocutor of Polsat News.

Traces on the bodies of all the children, as well as psychological violence.

The four-year-olds are still in the hospital. Their general condition is good. They do not have internal injuries. child She has marks around the head – the temples and the ear, the girl around the buttocks – told Polsatnews.pl Dr. Przemysław Borie, director of the healthcare complex in Wągrowiec.

The rest of the patients were also tested. – All children have this type marks on the body But, she added, “they were well enough that they did not need care and they were transferred to three nursing homes.”

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According to the children’s accounts, they really are home Violence occurred. – the youngest said so My aunt was hitting and my uncle was screaming. So there was definitely emotional and psychological violence there too – said the hospital director, adding that “the psychological condition of the children does not require the intervention of specialists”.

– They do not show a picture of psychological trauma. They decided that the home environment was what it was … They had no model, no comparison, – explained Dr. Bury.


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