Donald Tusk: Tomorrow is a march of strength and hope, not of helpless anger. So there is nothing to curse about

“Tomorrow is a rally of strength and hope, not powerless rage. So no need to swear. The powerful don’t have to,” Labor leader Donald Tusk wrote on social media. Earlier that day, a recording surfaced on the web in which actor Andrzej Seweryn, who will take part in Sunday’s rally in Warsaw, mentioned Kaczynski and Orban, among others. He also uses obscene terms.

Saturday afternoon, the head of the “civil platform” Donald Tusk In a tweet, he referred to the rally organized by his party on June 4 in Warsaw. We read: “Tomorrow is a march of strength and hope, not impotent wrath. Therefore there is no need to swear. The strong do not have to.”

About 20 minutes ago, the head of the Polish People’s Party Vladislav Kosiniek Kamysz And he tweeted a valuable entry saying that “dispute is the essence of democracy, but it must be done without aggression.” He added, “The rulers divided the national community and our task is to rebuild it, not to perpetuate this division. We cannot allow the Polish-Polish war to become commonplace. We will all lose from it.”

Register with Andrzej Seweryn online

Earlier on Saturday, a recording of statements by actor Andrzej Seweryn, who will take part in Sunday’s rally, surfaced online.

In the video, Syorin says, among other things: “Dear child, remember, your job is to push them…”. – All these damned Trumps, Kaczyńskis, Orbans …. need to be beaten ….. No Christian dialogues, no, you know, understanding, discussion, agreement – he adds.

Later, the actor posted a statement on his personal Facebook page in this regard. “Since a recording of my participation has appeared in the Internet space, I declare that neither I nor the person to whom it was sent have not shared it with social media. It got there by the will of those who have access to our private accounts and who, I believe, have taken advantage of this opportunity already more than once.

Comments from Bochenek and Ziobro

Law and Justice spokesperson Rafael Bochnik referred to the recording, saying it was an “egregious statement”.

Minister of Justice, leader of sovereign Poland Zbigniew Ziobro “We knew Mr. Andrzej Seweryn as an actor, today we got to know his true face,” he said during his visit to Rzeszów. “A democrat calls for a democratic solution to political disputes through violence,” he said. He assessed that it was an “extremely vulgar and deeply depressing statement of morality”. He also called on Tusk and other opposition leaders to “categorically repudiate this statement.”

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