Dolph Lungren in the world of The Witcher? Yes, the iconic action movie actor is joining the series. Check where it will appear and who can play

The world of the Netflix series The Witcher evokes different emotions, but the lack of stars cannot be denied. From Rocky IV, Universal Soldier or The Expendables series – Dolph Lungren. Check out the details.


Devoted action movie fans, especially those from the 80’s and 90’s, need not introduce this actor. Dolph Lungren is truly an icon of cinemaHe gained worldwide fame mainly thanks to his films Rocky VI And universal soldier. However, in both productions, he played negative characters and the main opponents of the heroes, which is why he relates in this way. Although the actor has played such outstanding characters in his career, eg The Punisher And he has already played dozens of roles, it must be admitted that the vast majority of productions with his participation are not of the highest quality.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that Dolph Lungren has been favored for years with great feelings and sympathy by movie fans who weren’t bothered by his “lower” titles on the list. In the end he was mentioned in one breath among the congregation The most famous action movie actors. For this reason he was included in the series’ cast expendablewhere Sylvester Stallone brought together a group of these actors.

Now comes the extraordinary news for the fans of the Swedish actor and for the fans the magician. According to the Redanian Intelligence portal, which specializes in information about products under this brand, Dolph Lungren has joined the cast of one of the productions in the Universe series the magician from Netflix.

Although such rumors have surfaced before, a recent interview with the actor is the best confirmation of it. In an interview with Aftonbladet The actor admitted, among other things, that he was He takes part in the filming of the serial production, which takes place in South Africa. This is where the spin-off of the series is currently being filmed the magician work title Reef ruff.

The addition of the famous action movie actor Dolph Lungren to the series The Witcher series is something that could please many fans of the actor and not only. Lionsgate / Millennium Films / The Expendables

It is a product of fate A group of orphans and outlaws who call their gang the Rats. Serial fans the magician Those who are not familiar with the books will only get to know these characters in the upcoming third season of the series the magicianWhen Siri came across them.

Well, unfortunately, we don’t know exactly who will play Dolph Lungren in the seriesReef ruff“>Reef ruff from the universe the magician. However, according to speculation, it is likely to be Leo Bonhart, who is well known from the books in the series the magician He is an adversary, mercenary and assassin so skilled in combat that he has hunted down witches on occasion.

Actually, when you think about it, it kind of is Leo Bonhart is one of the most important villains in book history the magician. He struck fear and the obvious hesitant, but it must be admitted that visually Dolph Lungren could be perfect in the role due to his looks.

The problem, however, is the inaccuracy of the plot, because Leo Bonhart had never met rats before Before the unforgettable events between Ciri and the acquaintance with the girl. Reef ruff Instead, it is meant to talk about events that occurred earlier, before Jaskóa met this particular group.

However, the creators of Netflix have shown more than once that they are, to put it mildly, not quite sticking to the original. the magician. Everything is possible, incl Dolph Longren as Leo Bonhart. Furthermore, if these reports turn out to be true, the actor will necessarily appear in that role in the third or the magicianSeason Four the magician Depending on the narration adopted by the creators of the series.

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