Do you buy Polish strawberries? Pay attention to these important details. When will strawberry prices start to fall in 2023? (video)

– Strawberries in Poland, from the original farms, are available from mid-April until October – says Albert Zwerzynski, Blueberry Consultant. The expert admits that several new varieties of this fruit appear on the Polish market every year. Why should you check the country of origin of strawberries and what to look for when buying strawberries? Check out our video.


Strawberry We associate it with months such as June-July, that is, summer, sunny, but I wanted to point out that in Poland strawberries from original farms are available from mid-April until October and the first frost – explains Albert Zwerzynski, blueberry consultant in an interview with Strefa Biznesu. – During this time we can enjoy delicious Polish fruits, – he adds.

– There is no other such taste, like the aroma of Polish strawberries, in the world, – Zwierzyński assures. Grzegorz Dembinski / Polska Press

When asked why Polish strawberries are better than those imported from abroad, the expert primarily refers to economic patriotism. – Produced on Polish soil, by Polish producers with many years of experience and traditions. Let’s not forget that many farms are passed down from generation to generation, he says. “It also adapts production to new cultivars,” he adds.

Zwierzyński admits that many new varieties appear on the Polish market every year Strawberry. “They can surprise with their appearance, taste, color or the different notes we can feel,” he explains. “I can’t give an exact number of their varieties,” he points out.

As he stresses, the most important thing in creating the latest varieties is the taste. – the people and institutions responsible for introducing new varieties to the market, which are subsequently used by farmers, growing them on their farms, caring primarily about taste – he admits. “They focus on what the last consumer prefers,” he adds.

“There are a lot of flavors. They can mix with each other, so it’s worth trying different ones and looking for ‘your taste’ – he encourages.

– There is no single correct answer to this question. Here we have to take into account several features, but if I had to suggest one, it would be it during the purchase Strawberries, it is worth paying attention to the peduncle – suggests.

Zwierzyński explains that if the strawberries were picked the day before, in the afternoon and we wanted to buy them the next day, the stalk would be hard and green. – This fruit With its beauty, freshness and brilliance, it reflects what is most beautiful in itself – she says.

Of course, we can always ask the seller about the country of origin or look for such information on the packaging. – The country of origin and the variety must be specified on the packaging. These are two very important bits of information – he explains and stresses that ultimately it’s up to consumers which strawberries they choose.

Taste and smell like Poland the strawberry There is no one else in the world. ” – Most importantly, research shows that Poles are eager to have access to local fruits – he adds.

The expert admits in an interview with us that we should expect a good harvest this year. At the same time, he maintains that this is a rather difficult question because Strawberry It can be grown in greenhouses, multiple tunnels and open fields. – The last method is the most common and popular, – he adds.

– As I mentioned earlier, we have access to Polish strawberries from April until October – and it indicates that prices in June and July will be lower. – There are more and more strawberries every day and by mid-June there will be a lot of them, and their price will fall, – he says.

At the wholesale market in Bronisze, at the end of April Imported strawberry In wholesale, you can buy from PLN 9 to PLN 12 per kilogram. The first Polish varieties at the end of April last year cost from 18 to 22 zlotys. Currently, when going to Bronisz, we will pay 18 PLN in bulk per kg.

Often, European strawberries are poured into baskets and Sold as Polish. A year ago, the Ministry of Agriculture reported on activities in this area. The then Minister of Agriculture, Henrik Kowalczyk, intervened in this matter, directing inspections to the Department of Agriculture and Food Quality Inspection and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection – we can read In the article on Strefa Agro.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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