disaster in India

Saturday 3 June 2023 (14:30)

More than 1,000 rescuers have been working for several hours at the site of India’s worst railway accident in decades, the Associated Press reports, killing at least 288 people and injuring nearly 900.

The rescue operation lasted all night. Rescuers have to use coin flares to reach the passengers trapped in the train wreck.

At the scene of the tragedy, the passengers’ things were scattered: children’s shoes, suitcases, clothes.

One of the surviving passengers said he would never forget what he saw: “whole families wrecked, bodies without limbs and a bloodbath on the tracks.”

“I was sleeping. I woke up to the sound of a train derailing. Suddenly I saw 10-15 dead people. I managed to get out of the carriage and then I saw a lot of mutilated bodies,” said another passenger.

The authorities fear that the death toll from the disaster will continue to rise.

Volunteers who want to donate blood come to local hospitals.

“No less than 280 bodies were found overnight
“Saturday morning,” Fire and Rescue Chief Sudhanshu Sarangi told The Associated Press.
in the state of Odisha.

He added that more than 800 injured people were transferred to different hospitals, many of them in critical condition. The remaining victims were assisted on an outpatient basis.

“The biggest challenge now is identifying the bodies,” he added.

Until three passenger trains collided
The shipment took place on Friday evening local time, 220 km southwest of Kolkata.

It is one of the deadliest train disasters in the history of India.

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