Digital SLR 2023 Ranked. TOP 10 Best SLR Cameras. We advise how to choose a camera for beginners

A digital SLR is the most popular type of camera that records the image on an advanced light-sensitive digital matrix. It will provide us with the highest quality photos from family celebrations and vacations, and works well for both professionals and people just beginning their photography adventure. If you’re wondering what to look for when choosing an SLR and which model to buy, check out our short guide.

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option A DSLR camera depends mainly on personal preference. People who like bright photos will certainly be interested in the power of the flash, while others will pay more attention to finding a camera with a clear view on the screen or a compact design. These criteria are very individual. However, we can list some parameters that remain important regardless of our photographic preferences. Among them we will find, above all, the quality of the matrix and the height of the resolution.

The rule of thumb is that the larger the camera the better, it must be borne in mind that the better quality of a camera significantly increases its price. Modern SLR cameras also often have practical Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS modules. The latest models of SLR cameras are usually very expensiveIt is something that not all of us can afford. However, if you are planning such an investment, remember that the choice must be well thought out – After all, a digital camera is supposed to serve us for years. Perhaps this will help you in our ranking of the best SLR cameras in 2023.

1. Canon EOS 6D Mark II body

If you care about photorealistic images with great detail and depth, then it is worth choosing this model. This SLR camera’s exceptional clarity is ensured by a 26.2MP full-frame sensor, autofocus using 45 cross-type points and a large pentaprism lens. You can also make Full HD movies with this DSLR camera. Another great advantage of the camera is its resistance to dust and moisture, as well as a built-in GPS module that will help you create an accurate description of the images taken in the field.

With this camera, you can capture crisp, stunning low-light or burst images thanks to an impressive ISO 1,600,000 sensitivity. You’ll also get professional-grade photos and movies thanks to a 25MP BSI sensor, TTL prism viewfinder and 100% field of view. Most importantly, you can also use the microphone or headphones connector to easily control and adjust the volume of the sound recording, for example when photographing birds. The equipment will also be perfect in the field – the built-in IBIS image stabilization prevents vibrations, allowing you to get a very sharp image.

A great choice for a reliable SLR camera for both beginners and professional photographers. High-quality and detailed photos and videos will be provided by the 24.1 megapixel CMOS matrix and the EF / EF-S combination. A sensitivity range of up to 6400 ISO will allow you to capture clear photos in low light. The camera also has facilities for beginners in the form of automatic modes that provide exceptional results in photos.

4. Nikon D780 Body Camera

A professional camera in the higher price range is an equipment worth investing in if we care about the best quality photos and movies, as well as modern conveniences. High ISO sensitivity up to 51200, 4K recording and Hybrid AF with eye detection are just some of the many advantages of this model. The 24.5 mega-pixel full-frame CMOS matrix is ​​a guarantee of a realistic picture that reflects the depth of colors and the smallest details. Apart from that, it will not limit our creativity in any way – to facilitate the creation of images, a tiltable screen and an F-type stand were used.

5. Canon EOS 90D camera body

Looking for a travel SLR, vlogging or nature photography? Therefore, you cannot carelessly pass by this form. It is a camera with an APS-C matrix and a resolution of 32.5 megapixels, as well as useful functions for face recognition and red-eye reduction. With this device, you can quickly snap burst photos and record stunning 4K videos. To make it easier to work, the camera has a built-in flash and a touch screen.

Or maybe compact design will remain an important criterion for you when choosing a DSLR camera? This camera has a stable and ergonomic design, and it also features a movable and dust-resistant LCD screen that is responsible for resisting weather conditions. The model has a built-in Wi-Fi module and is equipped with a Shake Reduction image stabilization mechanism.

7. Canon EOS 850D Body Camera

This model could not be missing in the ranking of the best SLR cameras. With this device, you’ll capture impressive 24.1MP photos and dynamic 4K movies. Adjust photographic settings with the professional optical viewfinder and the rear and top dials. Most importantly, the device enables remote processing of multimedia materials after pairing, for example, with a smartphone or tablet.

8. Nikon D7500 Body Camera

Do you want to capture cityscapes at night or take clear photos in low light? With a wide ISO 1640000 sensitivity range, you’ll get the best results. The camera has a DX-format matrix with a resolution of 20.9 million pixels and an RGB exposure metering sensor of 180K. pixels to prevent overexposure of extremely bright areas. Photos with this model will be impressively accurate and sharp, too, thanks to the 51-point autofocus and 15 center cross-type sensors. With the device, you will also create amazing 4K movies.

9. Sony Alpha a7 II camera body (ILCE-7M2)

This digital camera features a 5-axis image stabilization system to prevent image distortion that can occur due to hand shake. The model has a 24.3MP full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor, as well as a fast hybrid autofocus system for fast response and focus tracking.

If all you care about is a small, lightweight SLR camera that’s perfect for taking on a trip, then this model will be perfect. The camera weighs only about 450g and has compact dimensions. Its big advantage is also the movable touch screen, which makes it easy to take pictures from unusual angles, as well as take selfies. The device also has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless module, as well as a modern DIGIC 8 processor and a 24.1 Mpix matrix.

The most popular digital SLR cameras

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