Credit subsidized by the state. The House of Representatives is against a Senate amendment to cut the interest rate

On Friday, the House of Representatives rejected the Senate’s amendments to lower the interest rate on the so-called safe loan. This is a government proposal included in the Act on State Assistance in Saving for Housing Purposes. The bill will now go to the office of President Andrzej Duda.

The Law on State Assistance in Saving for Housing provides a “safe loan” with state subsidies for installments and a housing account with a housing allowance from the state budget. In addition, it limits the assignment of reservation and development contracts, and increases the limit this year on spending on social and municipal housing.

In the last session, the Senate proposed more than two dozen amendments to the law, including replacing the “2 percent secured loan.” On a 0 percent credit In a vote on Friday, the House of Representatives rejected a Senate amendment to change the interest rate on the loan.

Who is the 2 percent loan for?

The law states that the loan is of fixed value periodically interest rate a person up to the age of 45 will be able to enlist; If the loan is granted to both people who run the household, at least one of them must meet the age condition.

The loan can be granted for the first apartment – persons who belong to the borrower’s family, on the day the loan is granted or in the past, will not be able to acquire an apartment, house or cooperative right to an apartment or house.

The loan amount cannot exceed PLN 500,000 or – if the borrower runs a household with his wife or has at least one child – PLN 600,000. zlotys. private contribution It cannot exceed 200,000. zlotys. In the absence of a private contribution or an incomplete contribution, it will be possible to use the guarantee of Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank.

Payment by installments and savings account

The annuity subsidy will be due for a period of 10 years, and the loan will be repaid on the basis of fixed capital (diminishing capital and interest installments) installments. During the subsidy application period, the interest rate on the loan, according to the clarifications on the website of the Ministry of Development and Technology, will be 2 percent for the borrower. In addition to margin, commission and other banking fees (if any). “Safe loans” will be granted by banks that will enter into an agreement with BGK in this regard.

The law offers a special savings account. Regular payments (at least 11 payments per year in the amount of at least PLN 500) will ensure additional housing bonus from the state budget. The bonus will be equal to the annual rate economic inflation Or index of price change per square meter of usable floor area of ​​a residential building. Each year, an index more favorable to the saver will be chosen. The savings will also carry interest according to the bank’s offer, while the interest will be exempt from the so-called ray tax.

Assignment of reservation agreements

The provisions also aim to eliminate the possibility of trading in the assignment of reservation and development contracts and other contracts that oblige the buyer to transfer rights to an apartment or single-family home. Assignment of the reservation agreement (except for assignment to family members) will be prohibited. In addition, the possibility of assigning a development contract will be significantly limited. Apart from cases of assignment to family members, such an agreement may be assigned if it does not relate to more than one housing unit and is made by a purchaser who has not made a similar assignment to another development agreement within 3 years.

The regulations on the secure loan and housing account are scheduled to come into force on July 1 this year. Changes to the scope of the Reservation and Development Agreements will become effective 30 days after the date of announcement.

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