Construction of the Gronewaldska Junction. The second bridge is being tested over Poznań and Pliwuska

Collision-free passage under the tracks on the border of Poznań and Ploieska – this is what the currently built railway bridge, the so-called Grunwaldzka Junction, is intended for. In recent days, the locomotive has tested a new bridge. According to the plan, the works are scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.

The railway bridge is the next phase of the project “Grunwaldzka Junction”. So far, in November, the bridge has been launched on the Pozna Górczyn – Palędzie road. Currently, work is still underway on the bridge on the border of Poznań and Pliwuska.

On Friday, a test of the locomotive took place over the second bridge.

– The purpose of the tests is to check the behavior of the structure under load, and to evaluate its rigidity or the stability of the foundation of the supports. In addition to measurements, the structure is also checked before, during and after a load test. In the following steps it will be possible to resume rail traffic on the track on the Plewiska side. Currently, the trains here run on a single track using the first bridge built last year – says Tomasz Płóciniczak, vice president of Poznańskie Inwestycje Miejskie.

Route No. 2 passes through the tested bridge, on the Palędzie-Pozna Górczyn road. The bridge is a two-span construction with a length of 35 metres. During the tests, the diesel locomotive stopped in each of the two periods.

Construction of a corridor under the railway tracks along the ul. Grunwaldzka will allow pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to avoid waiting in front of a low barrier. A transport node is also being constructed at Poznań Juníkovo Railway Station.

– Recently, the contractor was preparing to launch the second lane with the completed bridge, including, among other things, the finishing works on platform No. 2 in scope for example the shelter platform and small architecture with a surface for people with disabilities. It also deals with the paving works in the remaining area of ​​the investment and the roads leading to the property in ul. Grunwaldzka or pedestrian and cycle paths. On the stand on the Plewiska side, work is underway to install an appropriate lighting and sound system – report PIM representatives.

The bus station, which is being built near the PKP platform, is to allow fast transfers between trains and buses “From door to door”.

After the completion of the works related to the test railway bridge, you will take over the road works near the junctions of ul. Grunwaldzka from ul. Piwoniowa It is ul. Wołczyńska, as well as construction and road works in the lane under the rails.

– Grunwaldzka Junction is a very important investment not only for the residents of Poznań, but also for the surrounding municipalities. That is why I am glad that the progress of the works can be seen with the naked eye – says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań. – This is the result of the joint activities of the City of Poznań, the Komorniki Commune and the Poznań Region. Effective cooperation will greatly increase the convenience of passengers and drivers.

All works are scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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