Confusion in the House of Representatives after Tusk’s visit. To Berlin To Berlin

The moment that Former President of the European Council He appeared in Parliament It caused a sensation between parliamentary seats. Part of the hall received the visit of the head of the civic platform Greetings of applause.

At the same time, shouts were heard from the side occupied by the representatives of the United Right To Berlin To Berlin.

Video: Donald Tusk enters the House chamber during the session

Boris Budka: Vote for the Shameful Bolshevik Bill

when The former prime minister was already in the roomappeared on the platform Member of Parliament Boris Budka, which requested a 15-minute timeout. The Civic Platform politician suggested it at the same time Jaroslav Kaczynski met with Donald Tusk.

– This break is a proposal to President Kaczyński He wasn’t hiding in the back thereJust He went out and talked in a normal conversation.

– this is the law Great Kaczynski cheeseany He wants to eliminate his biggest rival – added.

Video: Borys Budka calls for a meeting between Kaczyński and Tusk

The Law and Justice politician put forward the opposite proposition Lukasz Schreiberwho argued that The commission is not directed against anyone.

– Blame the president Kaczyński cheese is just what you can makeThis is not worth it. And we have our appeal: Do not be afraid He said.

Video: ukasz Schreiber appeals to the opposition: Don’t be afraid


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