Come, Holy Spirit!

The number seven in the Bible symbolizes perfection, completeness, and completeness. This is also the meaning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and the fear of God.
We need all of them, without exception, in our personal and social life. Therefore, we ask in the pre-Pentecostal Novena to renew these gifts in ourselves and in the lives of all Poles.
During the attacks on the sanctity of John Paul II, let us pray every day the beautiful prayer that the Polish Pope taught his father.

Daily Considerations Texts in “Naz Dzienik”.

Introductory prayer

My God, beloved Holy Spirit, descend upon us and teach us how to live in the truth of God’s love. Grant me the favors I humbly ask of you, and fill my soul with your light. I most fervently and mediately ask of you all the blessings and Co-Redemptrix – your bride, Holy Mary. Holy Spirit, I trust in you and always want to do your holy and eternal will.

Day 8 May 26th

Holy Spirit of infinite love and tenderness, grant your talents and fruits to all the people of God in the Holy Church. Eternal wisdom, make priests, bishops and cardinals open their hearts to your light and fulfill your holy will completely. Also, during the purifying fire trial, like Christ the Martyr, they will bear the heavy cross with pain and tears. Mainly because of the errors of modernity and all apostasy ignoring your truth, Holy Spirit. O Holy Spirit, let your grace permeate forever all the hearts of your Church. Let us pray that the actions of the evil one will be overcome, especially all divisions in the Catholic Church and among Christians. Because the torment of Jesus Christ continues. O Holy Spirit, let your grace permeate forever all the divided hearts of the Church, so that all may understand and acknowledge their faults through union. When blessed unity comes, the true spring of the Church will blossom.

Rosary contracts

The third glorious mystery:
Send the Holy Spirit
The call of the Holy Spirit
Keri Ellison, Kristi Ellison, Keri Ellison.
Christ, hear us
Christ, hear us.
Heavenly Father,
Have mercy on us.
My son, Redeemer of the world, O God,
Have mercy on us.
Holy Spirit,
Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us.
Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, have mercy on us
Have mercy on us.
The Holy Spirit coming from the Father
And you, son, come
Holy Spirit who
At the beginning of the creation of the world you hovered over the waters,
The Holy Spirit who appeared in the form of a dove over Christ in the waters of the Jordan River,
The Holy Spirit who descended upon the apostles in the form of
tongues of fire,
The Holy Spirit, who filled the hearts of the Lord’s disciples with the fire of jealousy, have mercy on us
The Holy Spirit who reborn us in the water of baptism,
O Holy Spirit, who strengthened us in the Sacrament of Confirmation, have mercy on us
The Holy Spirit, by whom God makes us his children,
O Holy Spirit, who pours the love of God into our hearts, have mercy on us
O Holy Spirit, who teaches us true piety,
The Holy Spirit is the source of joy, have mercy on us
Holy Spirit, my guardian
Our consciences
The Holy Spirit, who is present in us by His grace, have mercy on us
The giver of the Holy Spirit
Wisdom and reason
Holy Spirit, giver of advice and strength, have mercy on us
The giver of the Holy Spirit
skill and piety,
Holy Spirit, giver of the fear of God, have mercy on us
Holy Spirit, giver of faith, hope and love,
Holy Spirit, inspiration of repentance and sorrow for the elect,
Have mercy on us
Forgive us, Holy Spirit.
Have mercy on us
Hear us, Holy Spirit.
Have mercy on us
Save us, Holy Spirit.
From doubting the saving work of grace,
Save us, Holy Spirit.
of rebellion against Christian right,
out of heartlessness towards our neighbours,
hardened in sins,
neglecting repentance
from all the bad
unclean things and thoughts,
from sudden and unexpected death,
from eternal damnation,
We are sinners, we ask you, hear us, Holy Spirit.
To rule and preserve your holy church
that you deign to confirm us in the Catholic faith,
You give us perseverance
and gave courage,
Even our minds
Learn to inspire the desire to have paradise,
to tune in to make a worthy dwelling for yourself in us,
To keep us in suffering
kindly to console,
that you will establish us with your grace,
to make us all
a vow to lead to salvation,
O Lamb of God, who bears the sins of the world, have mercy on us
Forgive us, Lord.
O Lamb of God, who bears the sins of the world, have mercy on us
Hear us, Lord.
O Lamb of God, who bears the sins of the world, have mercy on us
have mercy on us

P: Create in me, O God, a pure heart.
W: And the strength of the Spirit is renewed in me.

Let’s pray:
Holy Spirit, who gathered all nations in the unity of faith, come and fill the hearts of Your servants with Your grace, kindle in us the fire of Your love, and protect us from all evil. Amen.

Saint John Paul II’s Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, I ask you for the gift of wisdom to know you better and your divine perfections, for the gift of reason to better understand the spirit of the sacred mysteries of faith, and for the gift of skills, so that I can follow them. Principles of this faith in my life, for the gift of counsel, so that I may be with you in all that seek counsel and always find it in you, for the gift of fortitude, so that no fear or earthly consideration may tear me apart. Far from you, for the gift of piety, that I may always serve your majesty with filial love, for the gift of the fear of God, that I may be afraid of sin that you, my God, are aggressive.

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