championship scandal. The footballer has shaped the club for which he plays

Nigerian defender Daniel Bami, 17, is suspected of forging documents. A player from the youth team went to the World Championship as a player of a non-existent club. The scam was discovered by Spanish journalists.

on Scandalous events in the ongoing tournament in Argentina The journalists of the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported. They came up with documents showing that the football player Form the team he is supposed to be a member of.

in official documents of the Nigerian national team, which has been submitted to FIFA Daniel Bami He is listed as a player in the team “Yum Yum Football Club”. Everything indicates that it is The club does not exist and has not existed before.

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Also sports journalists from Nigeria confirmedThat there has never been such creativity in history, nor has the Football Association ever had Players registered with “Yum Yum FC”..

Team captain without a club

something Daniel Bamia It is more interesting because of him Online profiles. The player can be found at one of the largest football bases in the world, ie Transfermarkt.

The player is valuable 250 thousand euros Although the statistics show that He did not appear at an official meeting your team.

Daniel Bamiya stats at Transfermarkt

However, this does not bother the coach Put a player in the first team the acting. The 17-year-old played for Five matches for Nigeria U-20including two matches at the World Cup in Argentina.

There is no reaction from FIFA

At the moment, despite the serious allegations, FIFA has not commented on the case.

It is worth noting that if Journalists’ reports are correctNigeria team will likely stay excluded from the tournament. To date, he plays for the national team of this country Two winning matches With the Dominican Republic and Italy. The next match against Brazil will take place on May 27.


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