Burrow drowned in the shed. Heavy rain in Slovakia

Slovaks are counting the losses after the heavy rains that hit the country on Tuesday. Swelling torrents overflowed and destroyed roads, among other things. Some lost their life possessions, and one family had a beloved pet.

The most difficult situation occurred in Kucava nad Rimaveco, in the Bansko-Bistreca region in central Slovakia. Some residents were cut off from the world after a road that was completed just two years ago was washed away by inrush flood waters.

The downpour was short, but violent and intense. Some of them were trapped in their homes. People watched with tears in their eyes losing part of this year’s harvest.

‘The flood came in seconds’

Local media reported the story of a family who lost a dog. The nine-year-old dog took refuge in the shed just in time Storm. “He always felt safe there, but now it’s deadly for him,” she said. During the rain, the shed flooded very quickly, and the dog could not get out of it. As the woman said, when she took him in her arms, he gave his last breath.

Some were left homeless. Their homes were completely destroyed. – The flood came in a few seconds, – described a resident of the village of Vlkova, who lost her belongings.

Flash floods occurred in SlovakiaENEX

It rains in other places too

Exceptionally heavy rainfall was also felt in the northwest. In the village of Horna Krupa in the Trnava region, the road turned into a fast stream. It took everything in its path, even destroying a brick wall.

Heavy rains accompanied by hail also hit Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Roads there were washed away and basements flooded.

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