Bowie’s Month by Adrian Miedzynski in Onia Lesznow?

“It’s not a bad decision,” Sokochowski comments on the acquisition of Miedziński. – The track in Leszno, which is wide, and very safe, will like it. What do I expect from him? In every match he is able to win a race and, moreover, three times come third, and maybe second. He is a 5-6 point player with no bonuses.

Miedziński’s acquisition skeptics pointed out that it would be best to give the juniors a chance. – It’s just that there are not many newcomers, and Miedziński’s signing also means that Chris Holder, contrary to advertisements, will not be there for a longer period of time – notes Sokołowski. – Sure, Al Ittihad has a good position in the table when it comes to preservation, but Leszno must win. If not Miedziński, then who?

Among the most valuable players there was also Ron Holta, but he would eventually join the first league H. Skrzydlewska Orle Łódź.

– I was thinking about Bowie Month, which I loved to drive at that time. However, since a decision was made in Leszno in favor of Miedziński, this decision must be trusted. Sokozovsky concluded that Medzinski, like Federation coach Piotr Baron, comes from Toruń, so they will definitely find a common language.

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