Blocking the Suez Canal. Bulk carrier ran aground

In March 2021, the container ship Ever Given closed the Suez Canal for six days

Shipping company Leth Agencies said Thursday morning that the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier Shin Hai Tong 23 ran aground at the southern entrance to the Suez Canal. Locomotives were sent to the rescue, which brought the 190-meter giant to the pass. The traffic blockade lasted about four hours.

Freight Forwarding Agencies I know Blocking traffic on the Suez Canalafter approx. At 4 a.m. Polish time, a 190-meter-long plane perched under the Hong Kong flag veered off. Xin Haitong 23 bulk carriers.

Four more ships were blocked. A group of other boats were unable to enter the canal either.

Sent to the rescue locomotiveswhose task was to return the bulk carrier to the fairway.

A few hours later, the canal management and operator announced that Shen Hai Tong 23 had been returned to the corridor, and normal traffic was expected to resume around 12:00. 8:30 Polish time.

was the cause of failure Engine starting problems.

The blockade of the Suez Canal. Ever given a run aground container ship

The Suez Canal is one of the largest canals sea ​​routes in the world. Two years ago, then Container ship ever giveThe lane ran aground, was blocked for six days, which led to great disturbances in the Transport and global trade.

look: The container ship “Ever Given” went to sea after 100 days. The owner can pay 550 million dollars

The Panamanian-flagged vessel operated by Taiwan’s Evergreen Marine Corp has become stuck in a single-stranded section of the South Channel. March 23, 2021.

That’s why they were banned then 422 ships Loading 26 million tons of cargo. According to the SCA, the channel is closed every day Egypt was losing between 12 and 15 million dollars.


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