Black nails never go out of fashion. Find out who suits them and how to style them

Black nails are a very simple manicure, yet elegant and classy at the same time. They suit bold and self-confident women, moreover, they can be styled in many ways. It will look good both short and long, in all shapes. How to make and wear it correctly?


Black nails are a great way to express yourself. This manicure can be adapted to different occasions and will go well with both styles lookand everyday styling. It is also an interesting option for a great picnic. Black is the perfect nail polish color for those who want to look modern and elegant. It allows you to stand out and, depending on how you wear it, is suitable for both teenage girls and mature women.

black nails It is also worn by Polish stars!

Black manicure should be done very carefully. Dark colors attract attention, so the whole appearance of the hands should be taken care of, for example by moisturizing them. The cuticle around the nail should be moved away and trimmed gently. The plate must be degreased and a varnish base should be applied to it. It will help protect the nail from discoloration, providing it with protection, but also more protection Coating durability.

Then it’s time to apply the appropriate varnish. Nails can be painted twice for better coverage. Be careful not to overshoot the nail plate. If we want to narrow it visually, it is worth leaving a small gap of about a millimeter on the sides.

Once the varnish has been applied, everything should be properly secured. This can be done, for example, with a colorless varnish. With such a manicure it is worth considering the method hybridWhich ensures more durability. Unfortunately, flakes of black varnish can be evident.

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black manicure can be subjected, minimalistic Or use as a base for more crazy. It will look good with patterns, for example, stripes, as well as with contrasting colors, such as:

  • white,
  • red,
  • bile
  • intense pink,
  • gold,
  • silver.

Patterns can be drawn with a palette or rely on your craft skills. Stickers will also be a good solution.

Black polish will look good on any nail length. It is important that they are carefully filed and that they all have the shape that is most similar to each other. There is a choice of glossy and matte varnishes.

Black nails will be a good complement to many styles. You can wear them every day, to work, and they will also complement your evening outfit. The universal color looks great with many outfits and accessories. He will fit in with the big talk jewelryBut also with a sensitive one. It is worth paying attention to the details, for example, golden stripes on the nails will look better with a gold ring than with a silver one. These spikes will suit both jeans and Ramones jackets, as well as a long dress.

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