“Bild”: Schulz was embraced by an unknown man at Frankfurt Airport. Security did not respond

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was embraced by an unknown man, who drove to the square of Frankfurt am Main airport with the chancellor’s column, the portal of the daily “Bild” newspaper describing Wednesday’s event reported. At first there was no response from the police officers and the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

According to Bilda, a man in a dark Audi A5 joined the counselor’s line on the way through central Frankfurt am Main to the airport. “Almost 20 km from the airport. No one noticed the dark Audi,” – writes the portal.

An officer from the BKA was standing at the checkpoint and reported on the radio that the convoy was approaching. He instructed an employee of the airport operating company Fraport to open the barrier. According to the article, the convoy passed by at more than 50 km/h, including the black Audi A5 of the man who later embraced Schulz.

“It was only when the man came down and embraced the chancellor on the tarmac that the FBI noticed a huge security breach,” Bild writes.

The portal learned that “a man with a Greek name was under the influence of drugs.” Officials said he appeared disoriented when he was arrested

Olaf SchulzPAP/DPA

Schulz didn’t feel threatened.

According to Deputy Government Spokesperson Wolfgang Büchner, Schultz “never felt threatened.” However, issues have been raised that now need careful clarification. After all, “something worse could have happened,” says the portal.

Schulz himself spoke about the incident at a press conference in D.C Estonia Tallinn. “The police are doing a good job and I feel I’m in good hands,” said the chancellor.

Main image source: PAP/DPA

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