Bilan in the Russian Influence Committee: Tusk himself wanted it

The House of Representatives voted against the Senate’s resolution to reject the bill Creation of the Russian Influence Committee. Thus, the deputies decided to form a committee. The bill will now go to the office of President Andrzej Duda.

Adam Bilan commented on the House decision in an interview with Pyotr Witwicky.

In the past decade, very controversial decisions have been made from the point of view of energy security in our country, and in Central and Eastern Europe in general. – He said.

look: Committee to Investigate Russian Influence. There is a decision of the House of Representatives

The head of the Republican Party noted that it was mainly about the gas agreement with Russia, signed by the government of Donald Tusk in 2010, which, according to Bilan, “was extremely unfavorable for Poland” and if it were not for the European Commission, “we are strictly with Putin Until 2030.ÔÇŁ

Bilan: Tusk has a dirty conscience

Russia knows very well which Polish politicians were in its pocketsWhoever took money from it or was influenced by it for other reasons, for example moral reasons, so I think the Russians are not surprised by what might be revealed – said the MEP.

look: Donald Tusk appeared in the House of Representatives. Confusion in the public hall

– If someone does not have a conscience, then I do not understand why he should be afraid of such a commission. On the 2010 gas deal, Tusk certainly has a bad conscience, so I’m not surprised he reacted nervously. – evaluates the politician.

Video: Adam Bilan on “Guest of Events”

Bilan: Poland imposes the most severe sanctions against Belarus

In an interview with Polsat News, the topic of Andrzej Poczobut was also raised. An activist from a Polish minority was sentenced to eight years in a penal colony in February. The Supreme Court of Belarus upheld the verdict.

look: Belarus. The Supreme Court upheld the verdict against Andrei Bokzobot

The Polish Minister of the Interior responded to the verdict and announced retaliation.

I will announce on Monday The decision to include several hundred representatives of the Lukashenko regime on the sanctions list Responsible for political repression, including against Poles living in Belarus,ÔÇŁ Mariusz Kamensky wrote on Twitter.

– At the moment, Poland imposes the most severe sanctions against the Lukashenko regime out of all the countries of the European Union. We are fighting for these sanctions to be comprehensive to Europe, so that there are no loopholes that the regime can exploit – commented the head of the Republican Party.

“If the war ends with the victory of Ukraine, which I hope will happen this summer, then certainly the Lukashenko regime will be under great threat,” he said. – Belarusians will see that it is possible to defeat Russian influence in this part of the worldAnd Lukashenko, no doubt, is now hanging on to support Vladimir Putin.

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