Bad luck for the volleyball player of the Polish national team! After the fatal fall, tears were in her eyes (VIDEO)

Monica Vidosio was injured in the Poland-Serbia match.

Polish volleyball players beat the Serbian national team 3: 0 in the Nations League match. However, at the end of the last performance at the tournament in Antalya, Turkey, an unlucky situation occurred. And Monica Vidosio, the flight attendant, suffered an injury.

The situation happened at 2: 0 and 20:22 in the third set. The Polish women were chasing the score, winning with other actions and then there was an unlucky moment. Monica Vidosio, falling off the block, stepped on her opponent’s foot and twisted her foot. She could not continue the game and had to leave the field in tears.

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Despite this disastrous situation, the Polish women managed to make up for the losses and win the competition by 30:28. Stefano Lavarini’s team finished the tournament in Antalya with a record of four wins.

Monika Fedusio is the 23-year-old hostess of Grot Budowlane Łódź. At the final ceremony of the Polish Volleyball League, she was named the Tauron Liga Volleyball Player of the Season 2022/23 season. Let’s hope the injury to the representative of Poland turns out to be harmless.

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