“Awantura” starring Tom Hanks. The actor’s wife explains what happened in Cannes

Rita Wilson, American actress and singer, and Tom Hanks’ private wife, commented on a photo of her allegedly arguing with her husband with a man on the red carpet. Presenting the true course of events at the Cannes Film Festival, she commented: “But that doesn’t sell history!”

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, graced the red carpet of the 76th Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday with the cast and creators of Wes Anderson’s film Asteroid City, which premiered the same day. Social media soon posted a photo showing the alleged altercation between Hanks and Rita Wilson. There is a clear grimace on the actor’s face, they both swirl aggressively, looking like they’re arguing with the man standing next to them. This is how it was shown in many media, and the picture spread on the Internet.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks at the Cannes Film FestivalAntonin Thuillier/AFP/East News

What Tom Hanks said

But Rita Wilson, in an Instagram post, denied the “fight” rumors. “People are shouting. What did you say? Where are we going?” – that’s what they were supposed to say to the guy when the photographer took the now famous photo of them. On Instagram Stories, she added, “But that doesn’t sell the story! Nice try. I had fun.” The actress’ entry was widely resonated not only in social media. CNN, People magazine, Today and Sky News published information about the denials of Hanks’ wife.

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“Mr Nice has stopped being so nice”

It’s not the first time Hanks’ behavior, which did not fit the image of “America’s favorite nice guy,” sparked a flurry of comments. But in June 2022, the star got really pissed off. He then warns the intrusive crowd, who nearly knocks his wife down as she leaves the restaurant. Video of the incident went viral. “Imagine you’re the one who pisses Tom Hanks off!” – wrote one of the netizens. “Do you know how screwed you have to get Tom Hanks to curse you?” – wrote another. “Mr. Nice is no longer nice,” said the Los Angeles Times.

Tom Hanks – “America’s Favorite Nice Guy”

Tom Hanks is considered one of the most beautiful Hollywood actors. The actor, who is sometimes referred to as “Mr. Nice,” topped the list of favorite movie stars in 2016. United States of AmericaCreated by Harris Poll. In early May, twice winner Oscar Referring to a character in his book (making another major masterpiece), he gave an interview to the BBC in which he referred to a “cocky actor” who “meddles with working on set”. “Not everyone is at their best every day on set,” he said. He added, “I’ve had tough days trying to be a professional, and my life is falling apart in more ways than one.”


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Main image source: Antonin Thuillier/AFP/East News

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