Attack the pensioner with an umbrella. He hit the boxer’s eye

– I went to the store to do some shopping. I noticed that the parking lot was crowded, so I decided to park on the sidewalk. There was a man standing there, I reached over to him, and he had his back to me. I yelled, he turned around, and I indicated to him that I would like to park here, the man passed and I stopped the car. Using swear words, he started insulting me that I have no right to stand here Marcin Sobieski reports.

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“I’m going to the other side but as I was going he was still verbally abusing me. Then I warned him that I had gas with me and if he did more aggressive things I would use it.” A second car pulled up At that moment he extended his umbrella towards me, like a spear hitting me. Then I realized that there was a very large Spitz, which hit me with the first shot in the eye. The whole face was red, the eyes were “cut out”Turn to the right side, he says.

Prosecution: The offender acted in self-defence

The man miraculously avoided losing an eye. The perpetrator turned out to be a 60-year-old pensioner, a resident of Jaworzno. He was charged with causing grievous bodily harm. The man gave his explanation. The event was recorded by city surveillance, which the police promptly secured, but during the investigation the disc containing the recording was destroyed.

– It turned out that the files containing the surveillance video were destroyed at the Municipal Police Station. The public prosecutor, who had not seen the surveillance tape, issued a decision to stop the proceedingsAs if once the perpetrator of this incident was acquitted – confirms Marcin Sobieski.

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– The film was only restored by court order. The Public Prosecutor’s Office did not take any steps to recover it, although they knew that this film was damaged. The original file had to be somewhere on the computer – Thomas Machusky, Mr. Marcin’s lawyer, asserts.

– The prosecution accepted, yes, there was a physical injury, but that The offender acted in self-defense, Then the Penal Code states that such a person does not commit a crime, so the proceedings must be stopped. The aggrieved party has appealed this decision, and in acknowledgment of this complaint, The District Court of Jaworzno reversed this decision and ordered the proceedings to continue – explains Jacek Nowicki from the Jaworzno Prosecutor’s Office.

Surveillance video

The Jaworzno Public Prosecutor’s Office continues to maintain that the perpetrator acted in self-defence. The victim believes he was attacked for no reason. Both sides cite the surveillance video.

Intervention’s editors wanted the public to be able to see this recording—the attorney general did not agree. We have made a faithful reconstruction of the event, which is available in Video Reportage.

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“He put me in such a light that I wanted to run him over. The surveillance recording shows I’m driving, he stops with his back to me, the car stops, he turns, he passes, and I just park. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that he was an elderly man, that he could not escape, that he was afraidBut his conduct on the third stroke was such that he took a stance as if to fight, as if he had aimed the parachute with a spear, looked round and struck – says Mr. Marcin.

The struggle for justice

His lawyer draws attention to another aspect of the case. – The prosecutor’s office has abandoned the assessment of the offense of not providing assistance at allIt is a crime within the meaning of the Penal Code – says Thomas Machowski.

It was just a brutal attack. It bounced back after the first shot, I don’t even remember that it was three strokes, because I felt only one, – adds Mr. Marcin.

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Now the Sosnowiec Prosecutor’s Office will decide whether it was self-defense or assault. Mr. Marcin is back in shape, training, winning competitions, and awaits his most important battle – in court for justice.

– In my environment they know about the case, there were different situations. Some people laughed because the kickboxing coach couldn’t defend himself, but if I had defended myself against this man, against his words, I would have been in jail a long time ago. If you did something to him, like pushing, hitting, or whatever, or kicking. As a trainer, first of all, and a master, I would already have the highest penalty – he assures.

The video can be watched here.

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