At his daughter’s birthday party, he fires a replica cannon and injures five people. There is an indictment

Zbigniew M. wanted to celebrate his daughter’s birthday with a cannon shot. The explosives placed in the barrel exploded, tearing the cannon apart, wounding five of those present. An indictment in this case was submitted to the District Court in Leżajsk.

event happened September 24, 2022 on the property located in Chodaczów In the Leżajsk district of Podkarpacie. Zbigniew M.’s daughter was at that time celebrating her birthday, and on this occasion she invited a group of friends to her house, a total of dozens of people having fun. As established by the investigators, the birthday girl’s father wanted to provide the participants of the event with an additional attraction in the form of a self-propelled cannon shot. –

While detonating the pyrotechnic material placed in the barrel before the show started, there was an unexpected explosion of the cannon, injuring five participants in the event, Krzysztof Ciechanowski, a spokesman for the Rzeszow Public Prosecutor’s Office reported.

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Five people were injured. Zbigniew M. was charged

The Liajesk Prosecutor’s Office conducted the investigation into this case. It accused Zbigniew M. of unintentionally causing an accident threatening the life and health of several persons in the form of “detonation of a pyrotechnic substance placed in the barrel of a replica self-propelled gun” and unintentionally causing injury to five persons. – Seweryn H., whose injuries posed serious damage to health in the form of a truly life-threatening illness, Łukasz G., whose injuries caused a violation of body functions for more than 7 days, and Aleksandra M. , Gabriela Z. and Pawe L.., whose injuries caused a violation of bodily functions for no more than seven days – explained the Prosecutor Ciechanowski.

In addition, two charges were brought against Zbigniew M. – first, that without the required permit he made and then possessed (also without a permit) an impromptu signal weapon in the form of an exact copy of an ACS. The second allegation is that he purchased, stored and used without the required license explosives intended for civilian use and pyrotechnic materials.

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He pleaded guilty to the charges and “expressed remorse” and voluntarily submitted to punishment

According to Prosecutor Czechanowski, suspect Zbigniew M. confessed to the alleged acts and gave explanations “consistent with the evidence gathered in the case”. – In addition, he expressed remorse for the incident and his desire to voluntarily undergo punishment, – said the spokesman for the Rzeszow District Prosecutor’s Office.

On May 25, 2023, the investigation was completed with the submission of an indictment to the District Court in Leżajsk. The man voluntarily surrendered. In total, the prosecutor asked the court to impose on Zbigniew M. a prison sentence of one year and two months and pay interest to all the victims: for Seweryn H. in the amount of 25,000 PLN, Łukasz G. in the amount of 15,000 PLN. and Aleksandra M., Gabriela Z. and Pawe L. for 5,000 PLN each. zlotys.

Zbigniew M. not yet punished.

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