Arnold Schwarzenegger has publicly admitted to using anabolic steroids. “don’t go this way”

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke about his experience with steroids and anabolic steroids in an interview published Wednesday with Men’s Health. Although he used these means himself, he now warns against using them. “Don’t go that way,” he pleads.

Schwarzenegger has honestly admitted for years that he used steroids during his bodybuilding career. However, as the actor points out, doping was not prohibited – the doping law was introduced in the United States only in 1990. The seven-time winner of the Mr. Olympia title, which was awarded during the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions, assures that he took the means under the control of doctors .

In the past, the former California governor has avoided specifying which medications he uses. Now, in an interview with Men’s Health published on Wednesday, he revealed how much testosterone and Dianabol he was taking on a daily basis. He warns other athletes not to follow in his footsteps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger warns against the use of steroids

– Bodybuilding has always been considered a safe sport, but now it is not. Now people are dying. They die from drug overdoses and don’t know what the hell to do, “Schwarzenegger said, explaining that for some time he had been noticing a dangerous increase in steroid use among athletes taking such drugs, consult their doctors and “listen to the charlatans.” He pleaded: ” Don’t go that way.”

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According to the actor, “We are currently living in a time when people are looking for easy ways to make money, a quick way to get rich or become an influencer.” However, he cautions against the use of anabolic steroids as a means to achieve these and other goals. “If you abuse your body, you will regret it later,” he says. As he asserts, he wants “young people to know that he’s seen people who had to have kidney transplants and suffered a lot” because of the use of steroids.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger career

Schwarzenegger began his adventure with bodybuilding at the age of 15. Just five years later, he won the title of Mr. Universe in the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association competition. During his career, he has also won the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition seven times. Fans consider him one of the greatest players.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator movie in 1984.Press materials

Successes in bodybuilding also contributed to the subsequent development of Schwarzenegger’s acting career. In 1982, he played the muscular warrior in the blockbuster Conan the Barbarian. Two years later, the thriller “Terminator” premiered, which ensured the actor worldwide fame. The success of this production led James Cameron to create five more parts of the series with Schwarzenegger in the lead role.

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